More Catalyst Show Prints and Originals Available

There are a bunch more of the prints and original pieces from the “Catalyst” show at Fifty24SF online.  The new stuff includes prints and original inks by Florian Bertmer, plus some giclee prints by Justin Bartlett.  Prices range pretty widely, so just take a look at

9 Responses to “More Catalyst Show Prints and Originals Available”

  1. i like some of these and i guess 150 is not a bad gilclee price but most are out of my range. i like the golden one thats 50 but its pretty small for such a detailed piece. i probably get it if it was doubled in size. i think i might pass on most of this.

  2. i do think the wolf head print looks better with the greens than the original print but they cut the size in half and are charging double for it. i guess they have to cover flying everyone in for the show or something.

  3. 6K for an original! Pollock’s stuff wasn’t even 6 grand! Tops was 5K!!! Nice art, but over priced!

  4. The size of the “Howling Wolf” print is actually 23″ X 35″. I’ll have UP correct the mistake. ALL of the exhibition pieces will be available in the UP online store by Monday morning.

    Thanks for your interest.

  5. OMG, 12000$ for the detritus original is pretty insane.. Would have been a real killer on the wall though.

  6. i own a few pieces that are $20,000+, but I won’t be buying anything here until Monday.

    The Detrius price is probably a little too high, but Horkey’s original stuff can fetch some pretty ridiculous prices.

    I think it was Flight of the Black Osprey that went for $20,000?

    A few of these prints are great though, specifically the Bertmer stuff.

  7. I’m glad to see some of Aaron Turner’s pieces available. I love ISIS and his other bands as well as the art he produces. The Horkey stuff is nice as hell but like has been said…pretty darn pricey. If money was no object, I’d get a few.

  8. Does anyone know if you’ll be able to get any of bertmer’s stuff from anywhere else? I always miss it and I’m a big fan.

  9. Hmm that’s strange, they took all the prints down? I’d be shocked if that entire show sold.

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