“The Awakening” Art Print by Mear One (Onsale Info)

Two of the best in the business, Mear One and Baurmann Gallery, are ready to release their newest art print edition, “The Awakening”.  This thing is a massive 23″ x 29″ nineteen color screenprint (16 acrylic colors, 3 hand embellished colors), has an edition of 100, and will be $250.  If you’ve never seen one of Mear’s editions in person, take this opportunity to do so, they are amazing and look  almost like originals.  To get one, send an Baurmann Gallery an email tomorrow (Friday, September 5) at 1pm PDT.

Click the picture for a bigger image, and check out the videos below, which chronicle the printmaking process.  To see color by color process photos, hit up Expressobeans.com.

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  1. Yeah a little too urban for my taste but WAY TALENTED! Stunning art. IMHO.

  2. This thread went the wrong way fast, so I deleted a bunch of posts. I overstepped my bounds as the admin.

  3. uh oh. Fair enough.

    Back to the art. This piece is not my style per se, but watching that video was incredible. It’s a really stunning print. Vibrant colors and so much work went into it. Awesome.

  4. Woah, what did I miss?

  5. Nothing.

  6. Amazing execution as always but there is just way too much going on, IMO. I’d be interested to hear from Mear on how all of this imagery ties together.

  7. what I miss ?????

    I want to see the deleted posts.


    I have a Mear One – From this site I picked up the last picture, the angles (thank you omg posters)
    and it arrived yesterday

    OMG its amazing.

    I hear when someone said its a little to “urban” – tres getto – but when you see the work involved and the finished piece it blows away any prints you already own – Its like stepping into serious collecting time.
    It really looks and feels like an original – in all reality, it is !

    Dealing with the gallery was also amazing – the level of service is so exciting from picking your top 4 pieces and then hearing which you have won to receiving the package all sprayed up and logo’d – Its so not smelly lavender brown paper in a tube.

    I would love to collect all day and everyday his work but the pieces are strong – to strong to have a series on the wall – so you have to be select about what you buy – this is to large for me and I haven’t hung the other yet.

    What the last piece has made my mind up to do is to shed the lower prints in my collections – the Faireys / Kinseys etc (except fav’s) and really take the next level up to the Mears etc. I would rather have 1 mear one piece that 30 shepard fairey pieces (thats my own personal opinion)

    So if your thinking of buying then do. I loved the process and the end result and feel chuffed that I forked out the cash (sometimes when I get posters that I bought I feel deflated as its just “another” print and the adrenaline made me buy it)

  8. so yeah sach has it right on this un……i snagged ‘think outside the system’ and it’s absolutely awesome, it really jumps out and has the look/feel of an original, actually almost so much that i didnt want to frame it, i wanted to touch it and stuff……..ya know…..but anyways, you wont be disappointed by anything from these guys, and yes derek at baurmann gallery was the best, definitely an overall excellent experience dealing with them. i wish i had snagged M1 back in the day, or legalize art, but it’s def true that you won’t be putting these next to each other, as it would potentially blow up the spot. props.

  9. Spot on Sacha! I also received my Angeles yesterday. Its a stunning piece. I picked up “The Awakening” straight away.

  10. ^ wow, nice post saCha

    this thread has gone the better way with an exclamation point

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  13. “…only let your friends post, way to go bro” – This one takes the cake for most whiniest post o’ the month.

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