Catalyst Show Coverage

The massive Catlyst show in San Francisco gets underway this weekend, and a couple of websites have done a great job of previewing the show.  Looks like there’s going to be alot of great stuff, including wall installations by Aaron Turner and Florian Bertmer.  Check out (scroll down a bit) and Upper Playground’s Blog.

Also, looks like they put the store page up for Horkey’s Catalyst shirt.  It’s not for sale yet, but I assume it will be soon.  28 bones at

8 Responses to “Catalyst Show Coverage”

  1. so happy…. a new horkey shirt !

    wish i could be at the show. have fun everyone !

  2. I can’t believe I just paid $36 for a t-shirt.

  3. I would have gotten the t-shirt were it not for the $30 UPS shipping to Canada plus whatever customs and brokerage fees UPS charges which would have been about $40.. I don’t know why stores don’t choose UPSP to ship to Canada.. Saves a lot of headaches.

  4. My body ain’t worth that much. I should be swathed in such expensive linen.

  5. Above should be that I should NOT be swathed in such expensive linen

  6. Pretty excited to have a new anything by Horkey. I also picked one up for my brother, he’s going to be stoked.

  7. Was at the show, definitely cool, not the best thing ever though.

    Getting the detrius print was a headache with a long, slow line, but they should have some left. By the time we checked out, it was close to 9 and I got #50. Just fyi….

  8. It’s up now!

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