New Art Prints by Jonathan Viner

Jonathan Viner just put two brand new art prints up for sale.  If you haven’t seen his prints in person before, I can personally promise you that they are amazing.  His giclees have three layers of matte varnish applied by hand, giving them increased durability and intensity.  Check all his stuff out at

“The Virtues of Gathering”

31.5″ x 24″ Giclee, Edition of 15, $700:

“Anchor Point”

16.5″ x 24″ Giclee, Edition of 50, $250:

2 Responses to “New Art Prints by Jonathan Viner”

  1. Oh man! I wish I could afford that Gathering print. It’s amazingly beautiful. Maybe when this economy thingie rebounds I can get one of his giclees.

  2. His prints are amazing only problem is no cheap framing for them so a $250 print ends up costing $450 if you do it right, got to pick up Anchor Point eventually.

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