New Art Prints at Surrender Art

Surrender Art, aka Christopher Lands, just released a handful of new art prints, and they are all moving with the quickness (I hear the first one is actually just about sold out).  “Don’t It Feel Like Sunshine Afterall?”, “Entrega”, and “It’s A Perfect Song, Moving Me Along” are all screenprints, are all super limited, and all range $20-$30.  Get over to

7 Responses to “New Art Prints at Surrender Art”

  1. can’t get this one to go through. I can’t imagine at this time that they are that busy

  2. Loving the looks of ‘Don’t It Feel Like Sunshine Afterall’ print. I picked one up!

  3. Guess I suck, since it still won’t work for me.

  4. Someone ate all the bacon!

    Kevin, try access the site using a different browser or clearing all your temp data in your current browser. If not, perhaps try e-mail Mr. Christopher Lands. He’s a great guy and would probably help you out.

  5. Thanks for the help.

    I emailed and used safari, internet explorer and aol. These are/were my only current options.

  6. Thanks Mitch, and thanks for the kind words all. Im really happy with this (these) prints. Apparently my sale broke bigcartel yesterday…seems there are still some problems. If you cant get an order through, send me an email, we’ll work it out, no problem.

  7. I think some credit is due to Sylvia Ji for that second print.

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