Daniel Danger’s New Art Print (Process Blog)

Daniel Danger is currently in Portland, Oregon, where he is undertaking another ultra-ambitious art print project at Diesel Fuel Prints.  The print will feature an image from a painting that was in his show at Wootini earlier this year, and it will be a screenprint with over 15 colors.  You can watch the process, color by color, on his blog at TinyMediaEmpire.com.

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  1. “we were waiting at the seams, bursting but through quiet means” – available soon…

    IF you pulled this off of tinymediaempire….then it is a bit out of date….they were sold through postersandtoys and also at his gallery showings over the past year. There were even some very unique variations that were released at those gallery showings also.

    Good luck in your search…the print is stunning in person. I had one but because of financial needs I had to sell it. I do plan on getting one of the color variations again.


  2. I just started a Daniel Danger fanclub on Facebook.. (no pictures or anything yet…) Come and join so we can all be fanboy/girls together. I’m such a geek.

  3. duh….

  4. I am to old for Facebook or myspace – I would look like a groomer on those sites.

  5. I hope that the colors come out better than “We Were Fortunate”.

    Colors came too bright and killed the piece for me (IMO)

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