Dan McCarthy’s New Art Print: “the haunted fish tank”

Busy, busy day in poster land.  Dan McCarthy stepped up his game with this one, it is sure to be a popular one.  “the haunted fish tank” is a 19″ x 25″ screenprint.  The edition will probably be around 550.  You can grab one now for $35 at DanMcCarthy.org.

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  1. definitely excited about this one. I have never purchased a mccarthy print but I felt drawn to this. Plus, it is so hard to get a dd print or fairey one so, this makes me feel good to be successful for once.

  2. This print is AWESOME. I can’t wait to get it in my sub.

  3. This is a nice print. Reminds me of Daniel The Dangerous

  4. Except it’s Dan Danger who has been ripping off McCarthy for years.

  5. this is lovely to look at and a bonus that it glows in the dark

  6. I think you’ll find it is ME that everybody is ripping off…

  7. Never heard of you.

  8. Whoa! I need 2 of these! Gorgeous!

  9. ethos, youre personally invited to the mccarthy/danger show later this year in san fran. our work is a result of our surroundings, we both started doing what we do independently/unknowingly of each other despite being rather close geographically. MA breeds a certain aesthetic for sure. quiet rural places create quiet rural artists. but our methods and concepts and meanings are very very different. its whats going to make our show so much fun. if you can manage to look past “well, its a telephone pole or tree and its blue*”, youd see that.

    *i dunno if youve gone outside at night anytime recently, but thats what the actual physical world looks like. i dont think they planted trees, built telephone poles, and painted the sky based on dans designs.

  10. word dd. there are similarities but i’d never say one artist is stealing ideas from the other, that’s just ridiculous. if you are to draw an outdoor scene in a naturalistic manner, then of course they will share certain characteristics, but it is your job as the patron to look past the big picture, and instead focus on the theme embedded in the art.

  11. Uh oh – Called out there Ethos…. to the front of the class and take the punishment like a man.

  12. chances dd is who you think it is — slim to none

    regardless, got told.

    in conclusion, this print is nice. best since while you were sleeping.

  13. no, its me. i love this site. hell, i made the title image.

  14. It’s him.

  15. Yeah, I agree…a artist of Danger’s caliber needs to protect their profile and not get into public disputes. The only way to prove it’s him is if he took a photo of himself with peanut butter smeared on his nose, holding up a sign that says he loves OMG Posters! with a screenshot of this comment page in the background.

  16. nice one, had to buy it. got a good spot for it picked out

  17. Wait! When did I miss the announcement of my two favorite artist showing together in San Francisco next year? Did I just read the announcement? Did I stroke out when that was made public before?

    To the topic: fantastic print from Dan this month. I too like his darker work and it’s always a pleasure to pick one up.

  18. Hey DD,
    You got an more “How can we hope to float prints”? i need one bad.

  19. Great work Dan. Had to snatch one of these up. And so good to hear from another artist. It’s a Dan fine day indeed.

  20. I’ve been a little disturbed about whether I would renew my subscription, given the chance, and this has set my mind totally in favor.

    A great job Dan McCarthy.

  21. LoL, this print is so damn good. I’m actually bothered by the “Possibly Sold Out.”

    What if mine has a crease. What if it’s damaged in transit. I can’t afford ebay. I should have just bought a second, what the hell was a I thinking!

  22. I got my confirmation. Yay!!!

  23. DD and admin are bff.

  24. DD,

    Any clue when you will be releasing the “hope to float” prints (date)? I have never been so psyched for a release. I just bought this one and want yours to pair together.

    I will keep my fingers crossed.

  25. Definitely looking forward to getting a “hope to float” print.
    That’s a beautiful piece.

    I really like this new “haunted fish” thing you did too!
    I kid.

  26. I don’t think the comments were meant to be a DD webstore.

    Regardless of that, this print looks great.

    Zma, I think that Dan McCarthy’s sub is extremely affordable and well worth the investment. I wish more artists were as willing to provide a sub for as cheap as McCarthy does. So resubscribe, it’s the best bang for your buck in the world of print subs.

  27. sub?

  28. Sub = Subscription.

    Just like it sounds. You pay ~$350, you get a years worth of prints. It’s like Christmas every month. I think right now it’s only available to “resubscribers”, but it should open to the general population within a month.

    It’s worth every penny, and I highly recommend you take the opportunity, if you like his work.

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