Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Ian Dingman

Tiny Showcase will release a print tonight by Chicago artist Ian Dingman.  Ian’s work can be seen in about a million magazines, plus he designed the packaging for the upcoming Criterion release of Wes Anderson’s Bottle Rocket.  As usual, this will be a small and inexpensive giclee.  Tiny Showcase prints come out on Tuesdays at 7:30pm EST.  Visit

Tiny Showcase doesn’t preview their prints, but here is some of Dingman’s other work:

You should go to his website to see more, plus he has a ton of original artwork for sale.  Visit

7 Responses to “Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Ian Dingman”

  1. Bottlerocket could be the funniest movie EVER after The Big Lebowski

  2. Definitely a great movie, Lebowski too. I’m curious to see what this print will look like . . .

  3. Wow, um $45 for a postcard is a little odd for Tiny Showcase isn’t it?

  4. Okay, don’t know how I read $45, but have dyslexically put the 4.5″ down there. My bad.

  5. That first one should be titled “Saved By The Buoyancy Of Fruit.”

  6. I believe you mean “Saved By the Buoyancy of Citrus”. But yes, I thought the same thing.

  7. “Next time I am in a boat and it capsizes, I will reach for a lime.”

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