Shepard Fairey Arrested In Denver

Well, looks like Shepard Fairey got his ass arrested in Denver during the DNC.  Apparently he was taken in for pasting up posters around the city.  Check out the article here, and a video below.

Note:  The video contains some adult language.

Shepard Fairey: Busted! –

10 Responses to “Shepard Fairey Arrested In Denver”

  1. That big sell out!

  2. This guy sounds like a douche everytime he talks, lol.

  3. fu@k u shep flipper ur all on his nuts..i c u every day on his prints

  4. i can’t view the vid?

  5. OMG the pope has been arrested by black shirts & spent 16 hours in jail !!!…so what’s the big deal ? Who really cares ???

    This post is dedicated to wall painters & trains bombers from all over the world who had, have & will have much more troubles with police & justice than this big biz owner.

  6. Wow… he’s a bad boy!!

  7. wers war by numbers

  8. 14th arrest! I knew he was arrested before but didn’t know it was that many times.

  9. I think it’s cool that he’s still hitting the streets. Most artists at his level would be sitting on their ass letting teenage kids get busted by the cops on his behalf while he kicks back and rakes in the scrill.

  10. I agree with Stoney. Most artists at his level would do one exhibition a year. Fairey is out their doing what he’s always done making social comments and appealing for change. Just cause he is supporting Obama doesn’t make him a sell out he is just trying to make a change and change won’t come about with John Mc Cain.

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