Exclusive: New Daniel Danger Art Print “…so how can we hope to float?”

Here’s an exclusive scoop on a brand new Daniel Danger art print featuring the artwork from his Decemberists poster.  The story goes something like this:  Daniel was less than happy with the final product on his Decemberists poster, so he decided to retool the print, reworking the color separations from the ground-up, which should result in a much more stunning print than the original.  “…so how can we hope to float?” will be a six color screenprint, and will debut at Flatstock 18 in Seattle next weekend.  After that, the other half of the edition will be online at Postersandtoys.com.  Enjoy the hunt, this one’s gonna be hot.

24 Responses to “Exclusive: New Daniel Danger Art Print “…so how can we hope to float?””

  1. If anyone grabs one and is liek “Hey I bet someone who couldn’t be here would love this”
    send me an email,

  2. Anyone want the gig poster edition of this (decemberists) hit me up 90 shipped. jmw4918@gmail.com

    I am def. gonna be on the hunt for this one!

  3. I like.


  4. I wonder what edition size this will be. I like it more than the original.

  5. It will be a little less than 200.

  6. Any ideas of exaclty when it will go up

  7. No.

  8. I hope the edition size is 40.


  9. This version is beautiful.

    Great job, Daniel.

  10. This print is beautiful. Best I’ve seen in awhile… Fits my mood these days perfectly. The chances are slim I’ll get in on this. We need a mailing list just for this print alone and when it hits!

  11. any news on this one yet?

  12. Should be up in a week or so, something like that.

  13. I can’t wait any longer! I am splitting up waiting for this one.

    Whenever, I am totally psyched about a print, I miss out on it.

  14. Admin,

    Do you have any clue when this one is dropping? Date?

  15. EBAY sellers claiming this is sold out. Do you know if he held back half like stated in your write up for this one?

    If not, I will buy from EBAY

  16. Yes, half are still out there. They will be released through Postersandtoys.com.

  17. kevin,

    hey man… We seem to have the same interest in this print. Just like you …whenever I’m obsessed with a print I miss out on it. It’s like clockwork. I’ve been checking the website daily. I was wondering if you wanted to start a buddy-system this week. I think it’s going to drop soon… A txt message and email if you see the website offer it for sale and I’d do the same! I say two heads looking is better than one. email me off-site and we’ll discuss further. I’m trying everything! aphortin@yahoo.com!

  18. any news yet on this one Admin?


  19. i fear the worst. ugh… Even the owner of postersandtoys told me it was going to be last week. no dice…

  20. I AM the owner of Postersandtoys. It will be next week.

  21. Bwahaha

  22. Thanks!

  23. you rock! thanks for the update and the blog!

    my browser is on perm refresh..ha…

  24. I know this is an old post, but I just bought this print off ebay (my first Danger piece), and I’m having trouble tracking down a frame to fit it. Is 17.5″ x 32″ standard, or do I need to have it custom framed? Any enlightenment would be appreciated.

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