Catalyst Art Print Previews

Here are previews for two more art prints that will be available exclusively at the “Catalyst” show in San Francisco.  The first one is by artist and Isis member Aaron Turner.  The second is by Florian Bertmer, a man of the minute for sure.  Both of these will be large screenprints, and will only be available at the show.  For more info on the opening, check out my original post.

EDIT:  Here’s another Florian Bertmer print that will be at the show, limited to 50:

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  1. If any1 is looking to get a print from this show and can’t make it, email me which print and I’ll try to do what I can. also I will prob be able to only get 1 extra of each print so, email quick and get dibs on it! peace, hope I can help

  2. Hey, would you possibly contact me on getting the Florian Bertmer print, Come to Grief?

    If you can contact me at, id gladly paypal the price of the print to you. Thanks.

  3. aaron turner is a genius.

  4. I really like the Aaron Turner print. If you think you could pick me up one, contact me at

  5. Nick,

    Let me know if you can get an extra of Aaron Horkey’s “Detritus.” I’d love one!


  6. nick-

    emailed you earlier today asking if you could get me the Bertmer shown here. thanks alot for even offering. have a blast at the show, San Fran is pretty incredible.

  7. Looks at all these donkeys putting their email addresses up on a public site. I hope ya’ll get a nice helping of Spam tonight. Enjoy!

  8. Anyone who is interested in purchasing a print from the show will be able to
    get them online. Obviously the people that come will get priority, but the remanding prints and original artwork will be available thru the Upper Playround online store a few days after the show (I’d say Sept 6th).

    Thanks for your interest.

  9. The Second (yellow) Florian print is only available at the show. Shirts and Destroy will be selling it at their merch booth on opening night.


  10. are there any pictures of what Dwid will be offering to the show?

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