Simpsons Vinyl Mini Figures by Kidrobot

Talk about a mainstream crossover product for Kidrobot, check out this new blind box mini figure series for The Simpsons.  There are 24 common figures, plus three chase figures, all of which stand 3″ tall.  They can be purchased in individual blind boxes for $7.95, or as a case of 24 for $181.  Visit

7 Responses to “Simpsons Vinyl Mini Figures by Kidrobot”

  1. Can someone explain the rationale for blind boxing. If I were interested in buying these I’d be totally turned off by not knowing which figures I was going to get.

  2. Upps the “mania”. Easy answer.

  3. They want to force you to buy them ALL.

  4. Has anyone else been feelin like the Kid Robot brand has become less and less about art piece toys and more about these types of deals(cute happy meal esc) and their clothing line? Kind of bums me out, I used to grab something from them on a monthly basis now days if I pick up a single item in a 6 month period it’s a shock! To each their own i guess.

  5. yes you are correct sir/maam. kid robot is hecka lame and girly. i only want the barney one.

  6. Jediak, I feel the same way. Everythings cute, smily, bright and dumb. Whatever happened to the darker, cooler toys. Where’s Futura, Doze and the like?

    Obviously they are feeling like the toy markets falling off and they are now pushing the clothing. That neon and wacky pattern trend of theres is dying real fast. In 10 years, the people will look back at what they wore like I look back at when I shaved lines in my head like vanilla Ice.

    What the F^$^& was I thinking…

    I’ve sold most of my toys (especially dunnies) and have turned to prints and original art. Occasionally there’s a toy that sparks my interest but seriously, very rarely.

    Get rid of them now people, because your El Dunny loco wont be worth a damn in the future…

  7. i dont get it , if you buy the box of 24 , do you get each one, or are they all blind boxes. cause im down to buy all of them at once, but not if i need to but 3 boxes just to see if i could get the ones that are hard to get, i just need 3 more, and i have doubles ,

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