“Between Breaths” Art Print by Cui Nan

Red Star Press out of China/US is continuously putting out work by some of China’s best street artists.  This new one, “Between Breaths” by Cui Nan, is an 11 color screenprint, measures a huge 29″ x 29″, has an edition of only 45, and is $190.  Yes, I did say it was a screenprint, these guys are doing prints the right, very non-lazy way, hats off to them.  Each print is also hand-finished by the artist with mixed media.  Worth the price, for sure.  Visit RedStarPress.com.

Red Star Gallery was also recently featured in Print magazine in an article about Chinese street art.  Check it out here.

2 Responses to ““Between Breaths” Art Print by Cui Nan”

  1. A+ for effort, C- for the image.

  2. Not very nice Tool, but prettu true.
    I liked a bunch of the paintings on Red Star, but this isn’t one of them. I hope they keep up the quality.

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