David D’Andrea’s Handpainted OM Posters

David D’Andrea is now taking orders for handpainted versions of his OM poster.  The black linework will be printed on either 300lb Fabriano watercolor paper or Crescent illustration board (your choice), then hand-colored by Mr. D’Andrea himself.  There will be less than ten produced, and they will all be totally unique.  These will be produced as they are ordered, and should be finished by November 1.  The size is approximately 18″ x 30″, the price is $350.  Inquire by shooting Justin from Secret Serpents an email.

Here is an example:

9 Responses to “David D’Andrea’s Handpainted OM Posters”

  1. these should be amazing!

  2. Sick!

  3. what’s the difference between the two media? does the choice affect colors?

  4. both are white.. the watercolor has deckle edges

  5. thanks, i was aware that both are white… i was rather referring to the structure and surface of the paper – is it the same for both media? could there be an influence on the vibrancy of the inks?

  6. i am sure both are textured, but David would have to answer the specifics on vibrancy of the inks on the paper

  7. good call – i will ask about that…

  8. In-cre-dible!!

  9. Thanks everybody.
    The difference between the paper and board is pretty slight. Both look pretty nice.
    The paper has deckled/torn edges, and tends to suck up the color quite a bit.
    The board is smoother and the color sits on the surface a bit better. It’s basically a layer of watercolor paper backed with two ply board.
    This has been a bit of an experiment, and it is working out really well. The positive response has been overwhelming. Thanks so much.

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