David Choe x Barack Obama Print (Part Two)

I thought it was pretty cool that David Choe did an Obama poster, but I didn’t even notice that he did two of them.  This second one is also 18″ x 24″, has an edition of 200, and is $200.  Visit UpperPlayground.com.

28 Responses to “David Choe x Barack Obama Print (Part Two)”

  1. Firstoff, I want to the thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for the UP policy of not charging cards before shipment. Secondoff, I want to thank eBay® for providing the opportunity for massive profit margins.


  2. Delta, you stopped being funny about three posts ago.

  3. One can only dream that these ubiquitous posters are nearing their end. Apparently, vacuity sells.

  4. This print’s really got people dreaming big.

  5. Whatever. It was still clever.

  6. “Delta, you stopped being funny about three posts ago.”


  7. Really wish I could have scored this print. Even tried calling shortly after the release, but no luck.

  8. I’ll sell you mine.


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