New Dave Kinsey Art Print: Inhumanate II

BLK/MRKT just released what is definitely the best Dave Kinsey art print in awhile, “Inhumanate II”.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 185, and is $45.  These will likely go pretty fast.  Visit

There was also a one-color variant with an edition of only 25, but it sold out with the quickness.

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  1. Got it

    Just like the good ol days with the style and price – I like this a heap load more than his last run.

  2. I’ve been a Kinsey fan for 5 years or so. This is more for the oldschool fan. Good stuff, but I prefer the tone of his more recent work. I would love to be able to afford his recent large scale art print.

  3. so you consider a reprint “the best Dave Kinsey art print in awhile”… ??? i guess you are unfamiliar with the “inhumanate I” from 1995:

    i love kinsey’s work and this “new” print but i can’t call it “the best kinsey art print in a while” since it’s a reprint from a 3 year old print…. besides, have you not seen some of his latest prints?

  4. oh by the way, these are both sold out 🙂

  5. Got the email late last night and thought hard about which to buy, ended up buying the color version even though the ltd version was very appealing @ 25 pieces. The color version will go on my wall next to Masked 2006 and Sentimental Hatred – they all share the same colors and tones and should look great together.

    I think this is the first piece of art I’ve bought this year, reprint or not, I still like it.

  6. even though this is a re-use of old line art, the composition is excellent, and the BLK/MRKT printing technique is flawless. The colored version of this could sit on a wall next to the original and they would compliment each other nicely.

  7. Was not lucky engough to get the 1st inhumate. Glad to catch this one. Backgroung has been reworked…

  8. What email list can I get on to know when kinsey/ blkmarket stuff is about to go on sale?

  9. blkmarkets list

  10. yeah but they dont send announcements about prints being released to their list. its the wackness. but good answer.

  11. mr honk, blk/mrkt’s list may not send announcements BUT kinsey’s list does….. that’s how i found out about this print.

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