“Laestragonian” Art Print by Jordan Crane

This thing is huge and insane.  “Laestrangonian” by Jordan Crane originally appeared in the book “Beasts!”.  It is now a giant 26″ x 40″, 6 color hand-pulled screenprint.  It has an edition of 100 and is $125.  Also, if you’ve never been to his site, have a look around, he has a ton of awesome prints for sale.  Visit Reddingk.com.

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  1. this is a cool print – lots going on, lots of detail.

  2. This would scare the shit out of my kids above the crib.

    Perfect !

  3. This is a dazzling modern take on the giant cannibals from Homer’s Odyssey and one of my favorite illustrations from Jacob Covey’s _Beasts!_ (book two comes out this fall from Fantagraphics). I’m really looking forward to getting this print. If you don’t know Crane’s work, take a look at a copy of his comics anthology _Non_; #5 is a masterpiece of innovative handcrafted packaging, silkscreening, and great comics (unfortunately out of print). You can see it here: http://www.time.com/time/columnist/arnold/article/0,9565,178465,00.html

  4. His work iis great – I am lucky enough to have a full size Pink Pearl
    Its stunning – I love block colors.


    He’s also a nice guy with integrity – We had a few mishaps and he couldn’t have been nicer – Its all resolved so nicely.

    Good man.

    I don’t have the wall space for this or the bed space to store it anymore.
    Shame as this is a keeper as all his stuff is.

  5. Looking like crazy to get hold of a copy of the Laestrangonian print, but can’t seem to find it. I tried to contact Jordan Crane, but no luck there either. Anyone know if there are prints available somewhere?

    I actually wanted to buy a print in 2008, but my wife thought it was too scary for our little house. We’ve moved to a bigger house since then and we now have walls to hang it on and doors to hide it behind. 🙂

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