Ten Questions With Brad Klausen

I’m super honored to have another GREAT artist on board for Ten Questions.  Stick around for this one, it’s a seriously good read.  Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Brad Klausen.

Age: 32

Location: The Emerald City, Seattle, WA

Years Doing Posters: 4 years in September

Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done: Hmmm…The Queens of the Stone age poster is always one of my favorites. When I got the chance to do a poster for them, it was right during a period of at least 2 years where they were all I listened to, so I was pretty ecstatic to get an opportunity to do a poster for them, and all that energy went into the design. I think all the parts of the Eagles of Death Metal poster came together really well.

All-time Favorite Poster / Art Print that Someone Else Did: MC Escher is one of my all-time favorites,…his work gets unjustly pigeonholed and marginalized as  the cliche trippy-college-dorm-room-poster, along with Salvador Dali, which is an absolute insult to his work and talent! Some of my favorite pieces of his are from his earlier work like “Tower of Babel” and “Castle in the Air” and “Drowned Cathedral”. All his pieces are very well executed, very technical, yet at the same time creative and otherworldly and stylistic, all built upon an unbelievable grasp and manipulation of geometry, and mostly just using black and white. His combination of technical, conceptual, and creative can’t be beat in my opinion. I went to a show of his work in Florida, and as with most art, seeing his pieces in person just crushed the images we’re all so used to seeing in books (or the internet)…I wanted every piece in the show.   As for rock posters…Kozik’s Phantom Surfers poster is one of my favorites. I bought a copy of this poster, long before I had any interest in the poster world,.. there’s just something about it I’ve always loved…the little girl happily getting the boy drunk, the “phantom” type, the neon colors, the optical illusion piece on the box…

Music Currently In Rotation: The brilliant rantings and ravings of the entire Bill Hicks catalog are quite often the soundtrack of many projects. I never tire of listening to him…over and over and over. Working on posters I tend to have a few albums that I listen to repeatedly, Boris’s “Akuma No Uta”, Tool’s “Lateralus” and any of the first 5 Sabbath records, lately it’s been “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”. When I find stuff i like, I tend to be quite obsessive with it. The past few months though, I’ve gotten a little tired of music, and way more into listening to documentaries and lectures on all kinds of subjects that I find online. I just recently found out about a fellow named Manly P. Hall, and have been listening to a lot of his lectures on a variety of subjects that deal with the lost wisdom and teachings of ancient civilizations, and if you can get past the dryness of his old-man delivery and listen to the content of what he’s saying, it’s quite mind opening.

Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought: The last print I bought was Decoder Ring’s Michael Sieben print. I wasn’t really aware of Sieben’s work, think I had seen some of his stuff in Juxtapoz here and there, but it never caught my attention. Then I saw the decoder ring print, and instantly knew i wanted one. The print is unbelievably nice. I love the colors and the image, but the print job the Decoder Ring folks did is just excellent. I think it’s one of the nicest screen printed pieces I have yet to see. Can’t wait to frame it.

Art Hanging On Your Walls: (see photos)

Upcoming Stuff: I am working on a Tron poster for Alamo…The two remaining parts of the “Judge, Jury, and Executioner” art print series…my first vinyl toy of the “Judge” character …a couple of MGMT posters…a Widespread Panic poster…and a lot more art prints…

Words of Wisdom: As Below, So Above

Find out more about Brad at ArtilleryDesign.com.

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  1. Another great 10 questions with a great artist.

    I love the fact that he likes MC Escher, too. He’s always been on of my favorites, and it’s awesome to see “Eye” right there at his desk.

  2. One of the more intelligent sounding artists you’ve interviewed.

  3. why is it called 10 questions, there are never 10 questions asked

  4. Favorite question asked is always – “All time favorite poster.”

    It gives me a chance to find new work. I have spent a ton of cash on art due purely on that question and those darn answers.

    Great read

  5. Great work, all around!

  6. ummm rich. there are 10 questions. count again sir.

  7. Darn Education levels eh.
    Disgusting how they are dropping standards these days.

  8. No flipper left behind.


  9. Tron Poster, YES!

  10. Kudos to BK for getting his site ready a day after it crashed (a couple weeks ago). Also keeping his fans up to date on how long the fix might take. So many artists just let you wait, and wait…the likes of one obey giant. They must think your time doesn’t matter, and the poster will drop when they are darn ready.

    Brad; you are a talented artist and a gentleman! Keep it up!

  11. Does anyone know anything about that Day of the Dead print he has on the “art on your wall” section? I believe it’s the last one shown…

  12. It’s an out of print Sylvia Ji print called “La Catrina”.

  13. Supposedly they’ll be available again in September. Check out TheArtPrint.net

  14. what is that print; the FREEDOOM, that has so much going on it! thanks!

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