Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s “Detritus” Art Print Line Art

Remember how I said there’d be a new Aaron Horkey art print at the Catalyst show in San Francisco?  Well, here’s an exclusive peek at the line art for that print.  This thing is going to be insane when it’s done.  It will be printed on paper that feels like skin, then hand-embellished with paint.  Ridiculous.  There will also be an exclusive version available through Megafauna, Burlesque’s Japanese distributor.  More info, including final images, to come.  For now, just try to wrap your head around this.  Enjoy.

36 Responses to “Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s “Detritus” Art Print Line Art”

  1. Looks awesome! I really hope to get this somehow, it’s definitely a must have.

  2. wow. reminds me of the flood we just had.

  3. Absolutely Amazing. If I hadn’t already made vacation plans for that week I’d be booking a flight to SF.

  4. …my brains…

    effing amazing.

  5. An exclusive edition through Mega Fauna? I don’t read Japanese.

    Sick artwork as always.

  6. Whoa. Actually, “whoa” is a grave understatement.

  7. I am flying back into sfo the day before (I need to check) and if I can pick up more than one I can try and get some for whoever needs one.
    Dont bank on it as its a Europe flight and Jet lag and 2 x 14 week old boys with Jetlag might stop me – but the offers there

  8. “It will be printed on paper that feels like skin”

    Does that gross anyone else out a little.

  9. SACHA would you ship to your medal-less neighbors to the north?

  10. holy jeebus!

  11. sacha… count me in on one if you can grab it..

    many thanks :)


  12. Sacha,

    Same here . . . if you can get an extra! I’ll make it worth your while. Thanks!

  13. That is simply amazing. Speechless.

  14. I wonder how long it took him to draw it. He said the Boris “Smile” Tour Poster took a little over three weeks.

    I can’t stop looking at the damn thing.

  15. nice, yes very nice! does look like the remnants of a flood

    sacha i am in! i’d so appreciate any attempt – thanks

  16. This is the truth, he took it to another level

  17. I hate people this talented.

    God I need to pick up one his posters one of these days.

  18. Sacha,
    Would also love a hook up on this print if possible .. thanks!

  19. love it, same here, if you get an extra, Ill make it worth your time and effort.

  20. Sacha,

    I probably can’t afford to make it worth your while, but I’ll throw my hat in. Maybe you can just raffle it off and I’ll get lucky.

    “It will be printed on paper that feels like skin”

    I think it’s meant to reference the title of the print, Detritus, but I do think its awesome/gross. Just think, it’s similar to the Necronomicon.

  21. Wohoo! I just moved to Japan, finally being able to get my hands on some exclusive burleque prints:)


  22. mega faunas´site says “coming soon” for months now..info anyone when this site will be up&running??

  23. I have a feeling the “skin” paper might be Curious “Touch” paper. Feels more like a soft leather or suede and it is really nice paper.

  24. Hi ya

    What I will do is 1st of all see if I can get down there as I have just returned from Europe and if I do is pick up as many as there are requests on this list – Then start top down and try and supply.

    Seriously not sure if I can as I would have just stepped of a plane and I have 2 x twins babies and they will also have jetlag but will try hard.

    I will post here after the show.

  25. Sasha
    Count me in for a print or anyone willing to grab an extra for sale.

  26. Sasha is the girls way of spelling my name – I am Sacha.
    Thanks Kakes

  27. Like the Russian director Sacha.

  28. whoops sorry for the mix up.

  29. No worries – its a girly name anyway – Thank god they didnt call me Sue as in a boy called Sue.

  30. I’ll add my hat in the ring. I will make it VERY worthwhile to anyone who can get me a copy of this print.

  31. dope dope dope dope

  32. Only 1 per at the show.

  33. […] Gallery in San Francisco. Below is a sneak peak at the line art for a new print for the show. OMG Posters reports “This thing is going to be insane when it’s done. It will be printed on paper that […]

  34. I will be at that ahow too, being from the BaY! So If anyone wants one just email me and the first person todo so will get dibs on the print.

  35. Anyone who is interested in purchasing a print from the show will be able to
    get them online. Obviously the people that come will get priority, but the remanding prints and original artwork will be available thru the Upper Playround online store a few days after the show (I’d say Sept 6th).



    Thanks for your interest.

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