New Obey Art Print: Duality of Humanity 3 (Onsale Info)

Duality of Humanity 3, the second collaboration between Shepard Fairey and photographer Al Rockoff, is going to drop later this week.  It will have an edition of 450, the price will be $50.  They have actually announced an onsale time for this one, Thursday, August 14 at noon PST.  Visit

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  1. This is so annoying. Can anyone even get through to the store? Frustrating that they make a big deal about the drop and then you can’t even get into the store to get a chance to buy it. Did anyone have any luck? My brother is going to kill me if I don’t get this ordered for him…

  2. nice shit ROY!…OK i got to the pay pal checkout n its sed page unavailable..but paypal charged my card $ is up w/ that?

  3. oh yeah, now i remember why i hate trying to buy prints from that site. had it in my cart, went to paypal, the usual site crash happens and now the print isn’t listed anymore, wtf!!! seriously, with all the money shepard is raking in he can afford to invest in a larger server.

  4. I agree oryx, thats really getting pathetic

  5. Damn.i didnt get one…and i have been fortunate enough to get the first twoo.. i was gonna hang emm together

  6. This is so F-ing annoying…. Crash, crash , crash….two hours later and nothing… never again….hasta la vista OBEY…

  7. They are experiencing a problem when you go to add ANY item to your cart, not just this print. No one has been able to buy any of them, so don’t worry Brock. You didn’t miss it

  8. soooooooooo who got1?

  9. No one did, they had server issues. They are releasing it tomorrow sometime between 9am and 7pm PST

  10. wtf wtf wtf comom shep

  11. I got one heh heh heh. Hard work though

  12. i wonder if there will be another?

  13. My hope is that they will release another set of them to help those of us out who were there trying to buy a print at the original release. I tried all day on Thursday and had no idea that they were released on Friday. That’s pretty lame. How about next time something gets f’d up like that, you give people a chance to learn when to come back?

  14. Then did give people a chance. On Thursday night at around 5pm PST they announced on their website they would be releasing it the following day at a random time between 9am and 7pm.

    And Brock, right now there have been at least 5 confirmed in the series

  15. Also they wont release another set of these, they never do that. Doing that would de-value the original run.

  16. Also they wont create another set of these, they never do that. Doing that would de-value the original run.

  17. Peeps there are only 3 pics to this set..hense the duality of humanity..
    1.facing war
    2.walkin thru n away
    3.leaving war

  18. emslokoster..
    ‘duality’ = 2, not 3.

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