New Art Prints by Evan Hecox: “Montauk” and “Ghosts of Winter”

Arkitip just released two brand new Evan Hecox art prints, and they are a nice departure from the Black Sun releases he’s been doing lately.  Both “Montauk” and “Ghosts of Winter” are 16″ x 20″ screenprints, have editions of 200, and are $125 each.  Visit

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  1. Montauk is beautiful. First Hecox to REALLY move me. Too bad I am spent out. Weep.

  2. arkitip only released ONE new print today, the Montauk print.

    Ghosts of Winter was released june 10th and on july 7th they released White Sun, Mexico which is also available.

  3. got white sun the other day – its real nice framed up.

  4. I saw Evan’s show at Black Market Gallery in Culver City. Really amazing body of work. I definitely suggest seeing it up close.

  5. I think Artkip have oversold and run too high on price for the amount of prints and therefore single handily finishing his work off.
    The are killing his arts reputation.

    I will not be buying his work anymore unless something leftfield arrives in low numbers – which will be some wait.

  6. Sacha’s margins are shot.

  7. They are great prints but a buck twenty-five is a little high for me as well.

  8. Yea I defiantly agree that the price is a little high I was gonna pick one of these up but decided to pick up a couple less expensive ones (and equally as good I think)

  9. is that the mantauk monster they’re hauling in?

  10. Hey Jho, what’d you pick up instead?

  11. Well I picked up one from the new guys lol The Silent Giant.. The Wolf Parade Print is way cool I thought, I’m a big fan of Mike Giant and his sharpie marker so i grabbed the Buddah print that I’ve been on the fence with the past little while.. And Im hopefully in the process of getting the McCarthy- While You Were Sleeping from a friend… Much love to the Montauk print just a little steep

  12. RIGHT ON! Thanks. I just put While You Were Sleeping on my wall. I finally got it framed. Did wooden silver frame with a black mat. Looks beautiful! I love it. I like that The Silent Giant’s posters, but I’m not into any of those bands enough to purchase. I wish that National poster was an art print. What a sweet image.

  13. I’ll wait and see what the colorway on “Montauk 2” is…

  14. I think Arkitip is doing a damn fine job.

    His prints might not be selling out day 1, but they are selling out. The high prices have put a halt to Hecox’s flipper fan-base and thus left more prints available to fans who just want one really good print on their wall. Now they even have time to think on it.

    To the guy who wants a smaller run:
    It’s art – decoration -entertainment – not a status symbol or an investment.

    I flip too, but I don’t pretend it’s classy.

  15. Zma is right on, the secondary market is taking a hit. Now the intention of affordable art is reaching more.

  16. Yes, raising the price 25% sure shows a commitment to affordable art!

  17. When the prints had smaller editions and lower prices there were fans willing to pay 3X retail on E-bay. The price may have gone up %25, but no one has to pay those E-bay prices, and more of the money is going directly to the artist and the company who supports him. Win, Win, Win.

  18. I’ve only bought his prints from BLK/MRKT. Though I absolutely love his work I’ve held back from purchasing from Arkitip since I’ve heard from many sources that their printing quality isn’t as good and doesn’t do his prints justice. Though this Montauk is really, really tempting. Anyone who has purchased from Arkitip and BLK/MRKT, is the quality of the prints as bad as others make them out to be? I’m starting to think it’s an exaggeration to keep people from snapping them up.

  19. Jennifer, I was totally thinking the same thing about the Wolf Parade poster but the image was too cool to pass up and for 20 bucks and hand pulled kinda sealed the deal there

  20. I have got several prints from Arkitip and take my word that the printing is wonderful. To be honest the line quality and ink separations are spot on. For work as line heavy and technical as Evan Hecox’s, the printing is just amazing. I am sure if you purchased a print and were not satisfied with the quality you could return it. I highly doubt you will be though as every print I have got from them is top notch.

  21. I do buy prints as I love them but only have X amount of wall space – So do I need anymore ?
    Do I want anymore.
    Yes please !

    The good thing about our print addiction is that they do rise in value. So I have a “guilt free purchase” in a sense. The issue with Artkip is that their runs and numbers of runs with the price (and now quality) have left Hecox’s prints on the shelves unsold to long – The print before last “El Centro” took along time to finally sell out, ages. Yes it has sold out now but we are talking 2-3 months on a run of 200.

    As an artist and a business person surely you look at the simple indicators such as “demand, sales, 2ndry price etc” and be worried.

    I would be. I would be looking to fix something as my sales and demand are less and you can buy a print 2nd hand cheaper than when it was new. That must be a horrid feeling.

    I don’t see that Hecox has done anything different. I so see that Artkip are now selling and preselling his orders regular as clockwork – 7th of each or every other month and hence the issue.

    Thats not good business sense.

  22. Julita

    I have several arkitip prints as well as BLK/MRKT prints. I would not say that the arkitip prints are bad in any way, but i can say that BLK/MRKT prints are some of the best quality screenprints i have ever seen in person. They really go through the ringer to make sure the prints are perfect, and i am a screenprinter so i feel confident in making this statement.

  23. dj and Mario…

    Thanks for the heads up. It’s nice to hear from other collectors (and printers) that they are very satisfied with Arkitip. Guess I’ll be picking up my first print from them and it’ll be a Hecox :)

  24. Nice Julita. I’m still considering Montauk, but I haven’t even payed to have Tulim framed yet, so I don’t think I can justify it.

  25. Actually, art CAN BE an investment.

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