New Art Prints by Evan Hecox: “Montauk” and “Ghosts of Winter”

Arkitip just released two brand new Evan Hecox art prints, and they are a nice departure from the Black Sun releases he’s been doing lately.  Both “Montauk” and “Ghosts of Winter” are 16″ x 20″ screenprints, have editions of 200, and are $125 each.  Visit

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  1. I do buy prints as I love them but only have X amount of wall space – So do I need anymore ?
    Do I want anymore.
    Yes please !

    The good thing about our print addiction is that they do rise in value. So I have a “guilt free purchase” in a sense. The issue with Artkip is that their runs and numbers of runs with the price (and now quality) have left Hecox’s prints on the shelves unsold to long – The print before last “El Centro” took along time to finally sell out, ages. Yes it has sold out now but we are talking 2-3 months on a run of 200.

    As an artist and a business person surely you look at the simple indicators such as “demand, sales, 2ndry price etc” and be worried.

    I would be. I would be looking to fix something as my sales and demand are less and you can buy a print 2nd hand cheaper than when it was new. That must be a horrid feeling.

    I don’t see that Hecox has done anything different. I so see that Artkip are now selling and preselling his orders regular as clockwork – 7th of each or every other month and hence the issue.

    Thats not good business sense.

  2. Julita

    I have several arkitip prints as well as BLK/MRKT prints. I would not say that the arkitip prints are bad in any way, but i can say that BLK/MRKT prints are some of the best quality screenprints i have ever seen in person. They really go through the ringer to make sure the prints are perfect, and i am a screenprinter so i feel confident in making this statement.

  3. dj and Mario…

    Thanks for the heads up. It’s nice to hear from other collectors (and printers) that they are very satisfied with Arkitip. Guess I’ll be picking up my first print from them and it’ll be a Hecox 🙂

  4. Nice Julita. I’m still considering Montauk, but I haven’t even payed to have Tulim framed yet, so I don’t think I can justify it.

  5. Actually, art CAN BE an investment.

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