Jon Smith’s “Slapshot” Poster

Looks like Jon Smith got to do a poster for the Alamo screening of one of his favorite movies, “Slapshot”.  He went all out on this one, and yes, it is a screenprint.  It is 24″ x 36″, printed at D&L, and only $30.  Pick one up now at

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  1. how is this a screen print ? there has got to be at least 20 colors or so on this ?

  2. CMYK.

  3. CMYK, that means just four colors? just a lot of overlaps???

  4. Yeah, there might be a couple spot colors in there as well, but CMYK can combine to produce about any color.


    Yeah, every time I work in CMYK I try and do something a little different when it comes to the overprinting. So it’s not straight halftones all the way through.
    Like the last Black Angels I did with Nate it was basically CMY but no direct halftone pattern at all.

    I had a root canal today, it was painless, nurse was cute. Other than the $1200 I plunked down out of my pocket cuz I’m a modern day freelance dummy with no health insurance it was a positive experience.

  6. Oh and yes, Slap Shot is arguably my favorite movie. I made about 800 screen captures from the film before compiling the collage.

    It should be noted, for the film nerds at least that in the final scene where the parade floats are going down main street, there’s a theater they pass for almost the whole scene. On the marquee they’re clearly showing DEEP THROAT, I included that in the upper right corner of the poster.

  7. HI Jon 🙂

  8. Jon- just recently purchased one of these Slapshot prints… what an incredible piece! great work! cant wait to get it framed!


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