Introducing The Silent Giants

The Silent Giants are a new three-man design team from Michigan, and though they’ve only done a few posters so far, they are already garnering alot of praise and attention.  They have been lucky enough to work with notable acts like Xiu Xiu, Wolf Parade, The National, Bon Iver, and more.  They have just opened their online store, selling their posters for the first time (don’t worry, I already schooled them on how to ship posters properly).  Everything pictured below is super limited and available for a mere $20 each.  Support these dudes, they deserve it.  They print everything themselves, giving their work a truly handmade feel.  Watch for big things in the future.  Visit their Big Cartel Store.

Also, to learn more about the guys, visit their blog.

6 Responses to “Introducing The Silent Giants”

  1. These guys are great–thanks for the heads up.

    These prints meet all my criteria, rad aesthetic, unique imagery, and dope bands.

    Check, check, and czech. Keep up the good work fellas.

  2. As always thanks for the heads up. I dove head first in for a Wolf Parade. I always like seeing artists pull their own screens.

  3. Most Def. on the Wolf Parade print, I’m about to pick that one up right now, Awesome style , Hand pulled, great price. A+ in my book. Can’t wait for some more.

  4. Thank you guys a lot for the kind words, it means a lot to us. And big thanks to Mitch, we love you man.

  5. freakin’ awesome

  6. […] group The Silent Giants have a slew of new concert posters for sale on their site.  Since my last post about them, they’ve done prints for Xiu Xiu, Mogwai, Black Mountain, Sigur Ros, and more.  […]

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