Brad Klausen’s Tron Poster

Just when you thought it’d be a slow weekend, here’s another great Alamo Drafthouse poster.  This time it’s Brad Klausen’s print for the upcoming screening of Tron.  This one is a 24″ x 36″, nine color screenprint (with glow in the dark).  This is the most colors ever on an Alamo poster.  The price is […]

“Seasons Of Change” Art Print Set by Jeremy Fish

Well, after a decent print hiatus, then those two new ones a couple of weeks ago, Jeremy Fish has a brand spankin’ new set of four art prints out.  “Seasons Of Change” includes four 16″ x 20″ screenprints.  The set is limited to 100 pieces, the price is $200.  Visit

Exclusive: “everything still exists. you need to keep moving.” Art Print by Daniel Danger

It’s been a great week on the site, hasn’t it?  Daniel Danger will release this awesome new art print, “everything still exists.  you need to keep moving.”, this weekend at Flatstock 18 in Seattle, WA.  It will be 12″ x 18″, and a five color screenprint.  If any of these make it out of Washington […]

Alex Pardee Limited Edition Skateboard Deck

Upper Playground just posted a new skate deck by Alex Pardee.  It is limited to only 150 pieces, each signed by Pardee himself.  The price is $90, the place is

Tyler Stout / Billy Perkins “Mad Max” Poster Set

Tyler Stout’s latest and greatest Alamo movie poster is for “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior”, and has been coupled with Billy Perkins’ poster for the original Mad Max in a package of movie poster awesomeness.  Both posters are 24″ x 36″ screenprints, and the set costs $60.  There are also individual variants of both […]

Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s “Detritus” Art Print (Pictures and Official Info)

Aaron Horkey just sent all the info over for what is sure to be one of the best prints of the year, “Detritus”.  If you don’t know by now, this one is gonna debut at Fifty24SF’s Catalyst Group show on September 4th.  The final stats are:  16.75″ x 34.75″, 3 color screenprint with hand painted/drawn […]

Our Newest Sponsor: Status Serigraph

Our newest sponsor Justin Helton (aka Status Serigraph) has been quietly killing it for awhile now.  However, with the quality of his new stuff, he is poised to break out and become much more of a household name any day now.  After dropping sold out posters for The Avett Brothers, Jack Johnson, and Trey Anastasio, […]

New Obey Art Print: “Evolve To Devolve” (Onsale Info)

Definitely most people’s favorite Obey print of late right here, “Evolve To Devolve” is ready to drop sometime Friday.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and is $45.  These will go up sometime during Friday, August 29.  Keep your eyes on

“The Resplendent Quetzal” Art Print by Leia Bell

Leia Bell just posted this charming little art print on her site.  “The Resplendent Quetzal” is a 12″ x 16.5″, seven color screenprint, has an edition of 106, and is $24.  Pick one up at

Art Prints by Christopher Lee

I hadn’t checked in with Christopher Lee’s site for awhile, and when I did I saw a bunch of new (or semi-new) art prints.  All of Mr. Lee’s prints are VERY inexpensive giclees, and are super high quality.  Grab these ones and a few more at “The Birdman From Gargantua” 13″ x 19″ Giclee, […]

Exclusive: Paul Frank’s Sculpture For The “Cohen’s Art” Project

With a book looming on the horizon, the Cohen’s Art project is in full swing.  In case you’re unfamiliar, California artist Aye Jay sends watercolor paintings by his son Cohen to a ton of popular artists, who are usually more than grateful to collaborate with young Cohen.  Here’s what Aye Jay had to say about […]

Art Prints by Alberto Cerriteño

Just came across the amazing print work of Portland artist Alberto Cerriteño (thanks to Ed from The Silent Giants for the tip).  Alberto has a handful of ultra-impressive giclee prints for sale on his site.  Though they are a bit on the pricey side ($99-$150), they look like they are worth every penny.  Check out […]

Deep Blue Sea Woodcut Art Print Series by Paul Roden and Valerie Leuth

I am a sucker for woodcut prints, so I am really digging this new Deep Blue Sea series by Paul Roden and Valerie Leuth.  The series consists of super limited 9.5″ x 12.5″ woodcut art prints, each selling for $25-45.  Though I only pictured a few here, there are eight prints in the series, so […]

I Am 8-Bit Art Prints by Scott Campbell and Scott Belcastro

A Paper Tiger is handling the fine art print releases from World Of Wonder Storefront Gallery’s “I Am 8-Bit” show, and the first two are pretty rad.  “Great Showdowns (of the 8-bit era)” is a set of five 3″ x 5″ giclee prints by Scott Campbell.  The set is limited to only 30 pieces and […]

Ten Questions With Jeff Soto

Wow, I am more than honored to have another one of my favorite artists stop by for the Ten Questions treatment.  As is the trend lately, this one is a seriously good read, I can’t thank Jeff enough to taking time out of his hectic schedule to answer the questions to the fullest.  Ladies and […]