New Obey Art Prints: Obey Billboards I and II

Here’s two brand new surprise Shepard Fairey art prints that are set to drop sometime today (Thursday, July 31).  Not feeling these as much as the last couple, but they’re not his worst prints either.  If you want to score one, spend all day in front of the computer refreshing

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  1. So glad I’m not a fan, because I would find this really insulting. We know you’re in the spotlight, get over yourself Mr. Hot Topic. At this point this is sooooo over the top to me. It’s like Kurt Cobain sneakers, ick.

  2. Good grammar costs nothing.

  3. Conversational dialogue on a blog…

  4. I am actually in the process of selling all my Faireys (post yr 2000) Hecox’s and Kinseys as I am so fed up with the churn and in return will be trying to purchase originals Keyes / Millards / Walkers etc.

    This does not rock my boat nor the last run – He finished for me ages ago and sorry to say I am sure he would have personally had more fun before he was the “hot thing” in the market. I know a musician who played at Woodstock and I said to him :”Woodstock made you” – HE said to me that Woodstock killed his band – Even though they were stadium famous thereafter the hated the expectations / size / business etc. I can only imagine this happened to Fairey some time ago and cant stop. Look back and maybe the last print I felt was rise above the arrows – It was different and he was still trying.

    My 2c

  5. Keep hyping him up so I can make money! Gogo you shep sheep monkey fools, gogo!

  6. “Conversational dialogue on a blog…”

    Not you.

    “Your Here” Here belongs to you, as opposed to denoting one’s location.

    And yes, I’m familiar with the “They Live” reference.

  7. I thought the grammar was off too, but it’s actually saying:

    Your Eyes Here.

    Get it?

  8. seems like a nod to ‘They Live’ – but i’d rather have him put up the print with the robot giving a speech in front of the ‘OBEY’ poster

  9. wait… does that one say:

    “your eye here”

    or does it mean to say:

    “You’re here”

    if its the first, can someone explain the reference? If the latter, this is one of my biggest pet peeves.

  10. Your eye –> This Billboard.

  11. weaksauce

  12. This print reminds me of a week old, bad art school project that the weird kid in the class did…wheres the time and thought in this one.. I cant see it

  13. Hey, sorry i havent been on here for a while. im on vacation in savannah georgia this print is ugh.. not awesome lol

  14. If you like to spend your vacations in Savannah, Georgia in the summer, then this print might be really appealing to you.

  15. I had it and then looked at the print again and her leg is just too weird………..not for me this time.

  16. My bad Roy!

    Was reading blog in-between insane work shifts.

    Good day. I do not like this print so I will not buy it. Where is Beefloaf?

  17. Is it supposed to look like Jennifer Tilly?

  18. “Is it supposed to look like Jennifer Tilly?”

    Looks like his wife to me.

  19. Beefloaf will not like this and will type huge letters informing us of his choice, cant wait – He makes me laugh.

  20. this print sucksss!!!!


  21. Savannah Georgia rules, I lived there for a summer back in like 03. I just dont understand (well I do $$$) why an artist would put stuff out of this quality especially when he releases some really really good stuff, only release the good stuff charge $75-$100 per print and stop making people think you dont even see your prints before you autograph them. Ive sold 3/4 of my Obey collection already and am investing in other artists who seem to still give a damn about the quality of work they produce.

  22. BO – dude after my own heart.

  23. I think these are ok. Why all the hate? Because they are simplistic? Most of his stuff is. Because Jennifer Tillys in it? Whatever, she’s hot.

    You guys are funny. This would go on my wall much sooner than a asian kid with a rifle. Different strokes for different folks.

    Sometimes I think the Obey fans are getting younger and younger and are just a bunch of skater punks and anything with a feminine touch scares them and they need a cool gun or army guy to be cool.

    This is cool, modern art with a message. If you want something that’s all over the place pick up a Mear one or Saber print. You’ll get more street cred.

  24. Remember that last Saber print – He was asking $600 for and we all moaned about the price ?

    They haven’t sold out – Still available.

    Best give credit to Shep for releasing at $45 even if the Sabers were hand done.

  25. In this economy $600 is food eating money.

  26. 45 mother fucking dollars.

    fuck this commercial, narcissistic, fool-ass bitch.

    I Promise to flip if i get the chance.

  27. Ummmm… apparently no one here has seen they live. This is a tribute to that movie and maybe you should all see it.

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