Esao Andrews’ Print Store Relaunch!

After some very unfortunate happenings over at Esao’s online store (long story short, he got screwed over by Paypal), he has relaunched with FIVE brand new prints, plus a few leftover from before.  All of his prints are beautiful giclees and are printed in tiny editions.  Hurry over to

Untitled (Well)

12″ x 14″ Giclee, Edition of 40, $75:

The Last Hour

11″ x 16″ Giclee, Edition of 40, $75:

Virile Influenza

12″ x 16″ Giclee, Edition of 40, $80:

Finch #2

11″ x 14″ Giclee, Edition of 40, $75:

Other Half of On Letting Go

11″ x 14″ Giclee, Edition of 60, $80:

20 Responses to “Esao Andrews’ Print Store Relaunch!”

  1. I wish these pics were bigger. There are so many details that would be the deciding point as to whether or not to buy a print, but I can’t make out all parts of the image. For example, what is hanging from the hook in the well? I would like to know what that is. I love these prints I just can’t really see them that clearly. Anyone else bothered by this?

  2. pair ‘o shoes

  3. hanging from the hook are a pair of shoes. trust me, the details here are lush, beautifully realized and elegant. these are rare chops.

  4. Thanks, but how do you see that? I couldn’t find any zoom feature on the pics. Did you blow it up on your own or already own the print?

  5. I could tell they were shoes as well. Guess it might just be easier on some monitors. They will be awesome in person, don’t sweat it too much.

  6. I can see it now…maybe it’s the eyestrain. Thanks team.

  7. No they look like 2 spanish sausages on my monitor.

    Glad they are shoes.

    They are so sad 🙁

    I just picked up the Thumbelina print. Cute.

  8. yup, it is the monitor; laptop

    Esao’s art really grows on ya…

  9. I just love his seperate lives print it is amazing in person!!!!

  10. I just love his seperate lives print it is amazing in person!!!!

  11. $75 for one of ESAOs very low edition prints is a steal. Chances are you’ve problem spent $750 worth on crap not nearly as good in the past couple of months.

  12. I read what happened to him, and think it really sucks!

    In any case, his work is awesome. Hope he releases something larger in the future.

  13. Yep I also dove in and read – people were cool and gave him idea’s around such as selling for postal orders etc.

    Tricky selling in the mainstream world then you have to play with the mainstream rules however they suck. Still he sorted it and we all love a happy ending and bought prints to get the dude rightly were he belongs… on top of the shoulders of the crowd as he is so talented.

    Did you see his diary ?

    Holy crap amazing.

  14. I just got my first Esao. I went for The Other Half of Letting Go. That one speaks to me. =)

    So…his stuff sells out fast?

  15. Well, considering The Other Half of On Letting Go and Finch are both sold out, I’d say yes.

  16. WOW! That was fast. Glad I didn’t wait too long. Wish I could have bought more.
    Thanks again for your wonderful links time and time again.

  17. if anyone has a copy of the first on letting go from 07 please contact me (at my full name on here) @ g mail dot com.

    big cash reward, or will trade/find whatever print youre looking for.

  18. We need an OMG Posters forum! 😉

  19. If anybody got the “Finch #2” print. I will buy it for more.
    plaese email me at (my name ) @ sameside dot com

  20. Would love to find a print of The Hangover.

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