New Obey Art Print: “Duality Of Humanity II”

Looks like Shepard Fairey is officially back.  “Duality Of Humanity II” is definitely my favorite Obey print in months, nice to see a return to this style.  According to the site, this will actually drop sometime today (Saturday, July 26).  Should be chaos, keep you eye on

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  1. Kid looks sick. I do not like the colors.

  2. I love the print background.

    Looks like he is back, last 2 prints are great but for me the damage has been done.

    As they say …………………..”you can only ever loose your integrity once”

  3. Best Fairey in quite some time.

  4. Anyone have any idea what time these are going to go on sale?

  5. sacha,

    it’s LOSE not loose

  6. wow guys.
    i dont know if you knew my story but im 14 just saying lol and my mom and i were on obeygiants website trying to get the duality of humanity print the day it was suppose to come out and waited all day.. never came out waited next day never came out and neway when it finally came out we got all the way to the paypal confirm payment part and it said error i was so pissed. and a few days later i decided to look at my paypal acount and i had gotten one!! i recieved it yesterday anyway that was like the highlight for me of this year lol. and yes this print is AMAZING im loving his old style that is coming back. i sure hope to get this one

  7. Hey Brock B!!!!!!!

    I love your story. That is awesome. Your mom is way cool for helping you get that. I wish I had started buying prints when I was 14. I bought regular posters back then and stuck them all up with push-pins. Getting things framed has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Will your mom get it framed for you?

  8. well my mum only helps me buy and stuff. I pay lol with my 8th grade graduation money and stuff.. i would pay for framing. good idea. ive just been storing them in my safe. in tubes i need to get emm out cuz i dont know if thats good for them is it?

  9. having troubles.. neone got all the way through yet?
    i hope i get one again lol

  10. ive gotten as far as the confirm with paypal and then an error thing comes up

  11. I logged in with my paypal account, and when confirming the order timed out

  12. ya ive gotten all the way through the confirm part 4 times now then times out

  13. ok now ive clicked submit order on the checkout page.. lets see how it goes

  14. Ive only gotten as far as confirming my address, 3 times so far

  15. ok after i clicked submit order on checkout page it waited for a bit then timed out.. and i waited for it to load again (angry) and checked my paypal on another tab and i got one!!! im so happy right now

  16. good luck guys

  17. I was really bummed I didn’t get the Duality I, but I got II and am STOKED!~

  18. Congrats Brock, I got one as well

  19. anyone know how many of these were released?

  20. After reading this i sat all day checking to see when it was released. When it was their whole site and cart went down. Sure enough, I knew with my luck I would keep trying and it would be Out Of Stock. Yep, after half an hour it was sold out. I am pretty pissed cause i have an ultra-fast, ultra-private connection and still couldn’t make the purchase. What do I have to do to get an Obey print! They should really get better servers cause unless I run a T1 line I can’t get any faster of broadband. I am extremely surly about this. I would gladly knife someone for their print if i could.

  21. i have no idea

  22. i just went to and it says the run size is 450 just like the first duality

  23. i cant wait to see what the next piece is to this run

  24. well i just saw that this guy on ebay selling this print ALREADY says that there were 350 made of this one.. and says 450 so i dont know i believe

  25. go brock b jump on the wagon now before the billionth person does.

    So is your mom helping you to get these prints cause she really digs the cause or did you show her what they are selling for on ebay? hum i wonder. . .

  26. Hay ass he already said he is the one paying for them. So lay off him

  27. thanks robbie
    ive never sold one of my prints on ebay. Im a TRUE collector i love the art its got so much meaning. Does that answer your question?

  28. Hey Brock B, welcome to art collection. Make sure to either frame your prints or store them flat. Storing them in tubes isnt good for long term storage.

    I was able to get one of these and I’m really glad. The more I look at it the more i like it. Sort of feels like the War by Numbers print in terms of iconic imagery.

    Bucktown: your fast internet connection can only do so much in this case. The servers are overwhelmed and you are being served the page as fast as they can get it to you. Imagine the server as a room full of people. One person starts talking to another, and then another group start talking next to them, then the first group talks louder to hear what they are saying, then more, and more and more until it is a deafening roar. The server gets overloaded with thousands of people refreshing the page to get a load. The more tabs people open trying to load, the more times they are requesting that the server give them data. Its rediculous, but there is no way around it unless obey gets dedicated server farms. If obey’s site didn’t crash, the posters would be gone before you knew they were up.

    It really sucks but its just luck of the draw.

  29. Brock B.
    Your dam mature for a 14 year old. At 14 I was into Led Zep and shitty posters of Debbie Harry (A blond dye haired singer from the 80’s) on my wall. I hated my parents and Ebay wasnt invented to bring us closer :)

    Keep collecting – Store them flat – Get your mother to buy you a acid free folder. Keep them out of the light – Don’t handle them and by all means SHOW your mother what they go for on Ebay as its the encouragement you need and your mother will support you more.

    There is nothing wrong about selling them, lets say you have a plan to buy an original piece of art instead of prints – them sell the Duality series (if you get them all) as a series and take the profit and turn it into something you might adore more – But by the sounds of it you are buying them for the right reason…. you love em.

    Take care and keep writing on the forum – There are some cool people here who know allot of info and the guy who runs this site always gives you great ahead of time info.

  30. Hello again Brock —

    Here is a link with storing info. I didn’t really know any of this stuff and I’ve been buying posters for about 5 years…though I didn’t get as obsessive till the last year or 2.

    That has great info. I’ve been getting mine professionally framed by an amazing framer who actually cuts me a deal unlike almost all framers out there who are soooo expensive, but I still have quite a few that I don’t have wall space for so I’ve kept them under my bed, but soon I’m getting one of those 18X24 archival folders.

    Welcome aboard. :)

  31. Jen C
    Ditto – Under my bed is the perfect place, no light, out of sight and safe.

    Has anyone thought of storing in a firesafe or somewhere really safe as I am so scared of being robbed or fire.

  32. I worry about fires especially since the apartment below mine BLEW UP a couple years ago when I was away at work. Luckily (for me) only that unit was damaged and none of the other apartments were ruined. It was since all repaired and the family moved back in. Fires are scary though.

  33. Thanks SOO much Evan,Sacha, and Jennifer that stuff all helped tonz. Luckily ive only been collecting for maybe a year and a half so my prints havent been stored in tubes for very long. I keep them in their original tubes and wrapped in kraft paper and in my canon safe. I have the safe because my mom got it for me on my 11th or 12th bday because ive collected coins since i can remember and i kind of have quit the coins since ive started on shepard fairey art. I also love making my own art and im into photography. If any of you have myspace add me . go to thanks for all of the help and support

  34. so if you don’t have a myspace profile i will keep my profile nonprivate for a few days so u can check out my stuff lol. my profile is plain and simple i like to always have a few shepard fairey works on it

  35. Which is it Brock ?

    Are you 14 or 23 years old.

    Your myspace says 23 years old …….

  36. He prolly has it saying 23 because if your age is under 18 myspace automatically makes your profile private.

  37. well lol.. i am 14 my uncle made my profile and he recommended me to say im older than i am.

  38. anyone have a real release date for this???

  39. it went up for sale yesterday. it is sold out now.

  40. sorry memetic.

  41. =p

  42. wow.. the newest print public enemy is STUPID but that might just be cuz i have never listened to public enemy and i dont like rap

  43. I’ll cut you for it and take the money too.

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