“El Angel Amplificado de Los Angeles” Mono-Distortion Print by Mear One (Onsale Info)

Man, it’s so refreshing to see releases like this, totally different than what everyone else is doing.  “El Angel Amplificado de Los Angeles” is Mear One and Baurmann Gallery’s newest mono-distortion print, though you can’t really call it a print at all.  Each one is hand drawn and painted entirely, making each one completely unique.  Each is a totally original piece of art.  This one is 20″ x 30″, has an edition of only 33, and is $500.  To purchase, send an email on Friday, July 25 at 1pm PST to info@baurmanngallery.com and request a print.  These will surely go fast, truly a mind-blowing piece of art.

Here’s an update from Baurmann Gallery about the remaining editions:

Update: All of the 17 editions shown have been sold out. The other 16 will be sold on Monday @ 1pm on a first come first serve basis. Basically, MEAR and I did not feel comfortable selling the rest without detailed photos, which will be posted this weekend. Please take a chance to check them over(when posted) in detail due to their uniqueness!

I am also going to work all weekend attempting to accommodate requests as well to make everyone as happy with their unique edition who purchased 1 so far. Please email me if you purchased an edition and have a preference. On Monday, I will also attempt to accommodate specific edition requests.

Thank you all again for the support and tremendous sales!

All my best,


Mear One and Baurmann Gallery also put together two videos chronicling the making of these prints. These are well worth your time, they’re very cool.

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  1. If anyone is into this imagery, this seems like a bargain for one of these.
    I haven’t been drawn to any one of these mono prints yet, but once he creates one with subject matter that I would put on my wall, I’ll be all over of these.

  2. Thats art !!!!!

  3. Incredible Nice Work WOOOW

  4. Got one early.

  5. just curious, when he is laying the black and whites down, anyone care to guess what paint is he using, looks like acrylic but looks alot more runny and liquid, could it be screen printing ink?

  6. I thought maybe it was oil.
    I am not technical inclined so it was an uneducated guess.

  7. just wondered because he was getting alot of milage out of one brush dip thats all, looked nice to work with

  8. Yo what up MOTION ONE here.Thank you all for your support. I directed this film and ill give you guys some info on MEAR’s process. He is using acrylic paint on Bristol 500 sheets, and pure energy. Each print is individually hand crafted and painted. They all have their own element that makes each one special and unique. He is more so a human printer than anyone else. The rise of the stolen photographic printed art that is currently being sold is going to fall soon, and this unique way of printing is going to cause it to fall even sooner. Artistic prints like this one will help to re-educate the art world and bring back the essence of the connection between the artist and creativity and even more so it will open peoples eyes to see that stolen images, art, ideas, and credit have no value when it is matched up against art that is created by artist who art showcasing their time spent in becoming a unique in what they do. Im speaking of course for all artist myself included. peace, MOTION ONE-

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