Tyler Stout’s “Spaced” Poster

The Alamo Drafthouse hired Tyler Stout to crank out yet another great poster, this time for the British comedy “Spaced”.  These will only be up for sale for about 36-48 hours, with the rest going to the screening, so hurry your buns up.  24″ x 36″ screenprint, $30.  VIsit Mondotees.com.

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  1. keep the stouts coming!

  2. yeah dude there are only three left right now, but if you hurry you can check out the Vermont Film Fest prints he just put out. they’re dope! tstout.com!

  3. love the Vermont Film Fest prints, got one of those also. red/gold version

  4. The new mondo-website sucks – checkout failed 7 times!

  5. I really dont get these. They look like they have been doodled by a 12 year old on a pad. I know I must be wrong as people snap them up.

  6. nah, not wrong at all, its just not your style.

    I usually dont like free flowing art like this…but I really dig Stouts style and subject matter, his posters are usually movies/tv that I love. The Vermont FF was my first non film stout.

  7. You don’t “get” these? do you mean T-Stout’s or other posters Alamo sells?

  8. I wish this had more to do with tv series (i’m still straining to remember an episode with a tiger, delorean, or octopus in it).

    none-the-less, i’ll probably still snag one. my love for SPACED is that strong

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  10. I really love the composition and color of this one. Is the two tone blue achieved through transparent overlay on top of the warm gray?

  11. Just out of curiosity, do poster makers purposfully only print such small limited runs? I would be willing to pay the artist more money so that they could print more then go on Ebay and pay tripple.

    Go on ebay now and look for Tstouts blade runner and big trouble in little china posters…

  12. It’s part of the allure that they print so few of them. This is geared towards the collectors marked and also since they are using copyrighted material they probably have to keep the numbers low otherwise they might have to pay the studios high licensing fees.

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