Shepard Fairey’s Dexter Poster Now Available

Showtime just put up Shepard Fairey’s awesome new Dexter poster for sale.  It’s a 27″ x 39.5″ litho.  Yeah yeah, I know, it’s not a screenprint, but still very cool.  The price is $30.  Visit Showtime’s store.

21 Responses to “Shepard Fairey’s Dexter Poster Now Available”

  1. The screen print is up for
    Subtotal: $475.00
    Tax: $42.04
    Shipping: $26.95
    Total: $543.99
    Is it worth it?

  2. $475 for a screen print come on SHO what a rip off…… very disappointed

  3. $475 for an advertisement

  4. It says $29.99 in the Showtime store, what gives with the $475?

  5. they have 100 of them signed and numbered for $475 each shepard fairey does not even sell his 18×24 posters for that much

  6. only diehard dexter fans wuld buy it of course….

  7. $475 are you F-ing kidding me… I love the show but Come on now… I thought the KOBE poster was a rip off but this is insane…

  8. I wouldn’t pay 30$ for this shit.


  9. Yeah, fuck this poster and it’s absurd price. Anyone stupid enough to pay $475 for it deserves to be ripped off.

    Seriously Shep, if you keep this shit up your posters are going to become the beanie babies of the new millennium.

  10. yeah, 450? u gotta be joking. great show, poor marketing ideas

  11. “Seriously Shep, if you keep this shit up your posters are going to become the beanie babies of the new millennium.”

    I think Showtime probably had a big say in determining the price. But yes, the price is ridiculous. Kobe, you could make an argument, but not this.

  12. Shep is already a joke, and his stuff is arleady the beanie babie of the new millenium. Just check out that kid buying the new n sync album, than going into the store next door to buy a shep shirt lol. He sold out long ago folks, 75% of the people who buy his stuff are just flippers selling it to you stupid peeps who think shep is a god.

  13. Its funny as I don’t watch TV – I haven a scooby who this guy is….. Never seen him before…. so to see this price for this person I don’t know seems weird.
    For once its refreshing. I feel clean.

  14. Sacha, you’re just mad becuase you can’t afford Showtime© and Shep Flipper, you’re just mad because you have Shep stuff on your walls.

  15. Lol dexter print..why shep. why


  17. Swayze – Your right, I actually do have some of his really early stuff on my walls. All I was saying is that because I dont watch TV this means nothing to me and I feel refreshed as I am not getting all in a panic about it – I can see it for what it is instead of getting emotionally tied up with the TV show.

    Well spotted about me having his work up – His really early stuff was great.

    Will you be flipping this one as well ?

  18. good name shep flipper. seems that it’s tough to convey tone in blog comment postings these days……

  19. ~ART 4 ADULTS~

    I’ve got news for all you anti-Shep/Obey cry babies out there:
    If you had the slightest clue about the art market and what “long term investing” means then you would buy every bit of his work you could afford. Like it or not, he is by far one of the top contemporary artists around and his work WILL go seriously up in value over the years. Just do a little research on the current market values of Andy Warhol’s works and those who invested in them. And by the way, if you don’t like his work then why are you spending time talking about it. Don’t you have a video game or ugly girlfriend that needs your attention.

  20. You guys need to read. The POSTER is $30.

    The limited edition print (i.e. a screen printed work of art) is $475.

    That is a very reasonable price for an original, limited print. Prints are of much higher quality and beauty than a standard, crappy poster, and the resale value one day will probably be in the thousands.

  21. While looking for this (amazing!) poster, I can’t find it on showtime website. There is only the 475$ version : /

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