Daniel Danger’s Massive Art Print Box Set

If you’ve been wondering why you’ve heard literally nothing from Daniel Danger lately, it’s because he has been obsessively working on his newest release, a beautiful box set.  Titled “all this hum and awful noise..”, the set contains ten new 6 color screenprints, two letterpress prints, and a vinyl picture disc.  All of the prints are 12″ x 12″ and signed/numbered, and the whole package is wrapped up in an amazing custom lacquered wooden box.  It is limited to 150 pieces and costs $400.  You can grab one at Rotofugi.com.

9 Responses to “Daniel Danger’s Massive Art Print Box Set”

  1. Wow, I love the surreal/landscape rustic gothic kind of feel to his work, now can someone lend me $400 so I can buy one please?

  2. Oh my oh my. This thing looks beautiful.
    What’s on the vinyl?

  3. More importantly, when’s it going to be available on iTunes.

  4. Rotofugi states that it is out of 150 and not 250?

  5. The picture contains home recordings by Daniel.

  6. These look amazing,
    I just bought the new Kawasaki print and if i hadn’t this is deffinately where my money would have been going.

  7. I am all over this one – undoubtedly the bargain of the year!

  8. /jealous of mrt (getting the Kawsaki part, not the not having enough money for both part)

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