Exclusive Sneak Peek: Aaron Horkey’s Adidas Collection (Part One)

You may have seen some samples leaked on Ebay in the past, but here is the first official peek at a piece from Aaron Horkey’s upcoming collection with Adidas.  There are more shoes, more shirts, etc to come, but for now, enjoy this first look.  This particular shoe is completely covered in laser etching (we’re only showing you one side) and the osprey symbol glows in the dark.  So rad.  More to come.

(Click for bigger picture)

11 Responses to “Exclusive Sneak Peek: Aaron Horkey’s Adidas Collection (Part One)”

  1. must have!!!

  2. vegan?

  3. When and where will these be available?

  4. I have never bought a pair of shoes just to look at, but these babies may end up as the center piece on my coffee table. Aaron’s work is so friggin dope it hurts my head!

  5. So very cool!!!!!!
    Must have soon!

  6. oh mazn. Think these will come in a size 14? these awesome things usually don’t.

  7. damn, hes blowing up! good to see an underground artist get some exposure.

    p.s. cant wait to wear the shirt.

  8. He better make a female version of that sneaker or ELSE! 😉

  9. whats up with the angus young in the background? Hmmmm

  10. this just inspired me to join a gang! thug life!

  11. yay yay

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