Josh Keyes’ “Thunder” Art Print (Onsale Info)

Limited Addiction Gallery is setting up to release this mammoth new print by Josh Keyes, “Thunder”.  It’s a 24″ x 32″ giclee, has an edition of 100, and is $395.  From now until July 18, LAG will release batches of these prints at undisclosed times.  If you want one, you definitely need to keep your eyes on

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  1. did anybody manage to score one of these yet? this sites goin through some problems it appears

  2. i would like to know the same. closest i got was in the cart!

  3. this is an exercise in futility, the site does not load and when it does nothing is working. They need a better way.

  4. no luck. got to the cart, but then the shop was down.

  5. too spensive! f dat!

  6. I tried for more than 15 hours and got nada, needless to say i’m pretty pissed at the method of selling these regardless if this is the best that they could come up with at the time. Now days you want a pair of sneakers you need to wait in line, you want a new phone you have to wait in line, you want a new videogame you have to wait in line, it’s all getting a little silly for my taste.

  7. I agree. have been waiting for 2 days now.
    does anyone know when is the best time to approach
    this site? its probably almost sold out anyways..

  8. i was able to get one at about 2 am this morning. my order barely went through and i had to add it to the cart about 10 times. i do agree though, this is bordering on absurdity.

  9. Well – All you flippers see it this way – You pick this up today and you can sell it on Ebay for say $1500 i the next few months – It will then calm down and hover around the 700- 1000 $ Mark – If you spend 10 hours today you can make over 1 Grand in profit.

    Me I would like one as out of all the artists new and through Keyes does the best stuff for me. He’s also the one artist except for Banksy that I adore and do not own.

    If your rich enough or have a stack of naff Faireys, sell a few and reinvest via ebay and pick this up – I honestly do think he has more distance than say Hecox or Kinsey as his stuff is way way ahead and he keeps the numbers low. Some might disagree but if I could pick an artist to leave stuff to my boys then it would be his as his stuff is so clean and thought provoking and also will be a name that is respected.

    Not sure what to do – Take my own advice and flip some Faireys or try 15 hrs for nothing – Read Expresso beans, the world and his cleaner are after this print.

    They have a technique of logging in way before and waiting – Any other tricks.

  10. Above – Sorry for the grammar errors – Typing with one hand whilst bouncing a baby,

  11. I was on the computer for 8 hours got one in the cart paid for ,it printed the invoice and it says order status incomplete…….wtf. Cant be doing this until friday, i will loose my mind, But I have to get this print. Emailed limited addiction to try and find out what is happening. No reply yet. Makes me feel a bit better to know there were enough people stressin. Though art was supposed to be enjoyable.

  12. Looks like Limited Addiction just wasn’t prepared for the influx of people hitting their web servers.
    The page now reads:

  13. I’m glad I didn’t want this. What a hassle!

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