Tom Waits Art Show Poster

This is pretty awesome, especially since virtually NO Tom Waits posters get produced.  Phone Booth Gallery is currently hosting an exhibition entitled “Eggs, Sausage, and a Side of Toast:  An Art Show Dedicated to Tom Waits.”  They commissioned the wonderful Kevin Tong to put together this print for the show.  It’s a 16″ x 25″ screenprint, has an edition of only 40, and is $40.  Pick one up at

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  1. I freakin LOVE Tom Waits!!! Thanks so much for the heads up! Your site rules!!

  2. Saw Tom Waits one Sunday morning for breakfast at the Summit Diner(an original wooden diner) in NJ. Bought this poster immediately. Reminded me of that day.

  3. Thanks, just picked this up. Tom Waits posters are truly hard to come by!

  4. Tom Waits is the man! Sweet print!

    I woke up yesterday sad that I didn’t have any Tom Waits posters. This one is GREAT! THANK YOU! I love you OMGPOSTERS!

  6. good find!

  7. I love this poster. Not only because I love Tom Waits, but because it is a damn near perfect poster. I admit that I am usually overly critical of poster designs, because I’m a designer myself. But this one is everything that a poster should be: simple, yet effective; undemanding, yet interesting. It gets its message across without using any unnecessary words. And it doesn’t hurt that it includes the incredible Mr. Waits. LOL

  8. Nighthawks at the Diner

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  10. […] “Streets of Fire” print.  You probably remember Kevin for producing that great Tom Waits poster a few weeks back.  This one is a 12″ x 25″ screenprint for only $25.  Also available […]

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