Shepard Fairey’s Dexter Poster

So awesome.  In a bit of creative marketing, Showtime has commissioned Shepard Fairey to create this piece of art for the TV show Dexter, which will be showcased at San Diego Comic-Con.  Definitely one of my favorite shows, and it’s awesome that so many people are tapping the poster community for mainstream marketing.  Showtime will also release a handful of signed/numbered fine art prints of this image in the near future, so keep your eye on

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  1. I’m not usually one to bitch about “selling out” and such, especially since it’s shepard, but c’mon……… at least leave the obey stamp off of straight up advertisements.

  2. I’m not sure I agree with the term “selling out” especially if he’s been commissioned to do it and it pays the rent. And if the Obey stamp is his trademark, all the power to him for throwing it on there. In the creative industry, you’d be surprised how many corporations don’t want the artist’s stamp or signature on whatever it is they are commissioning.

    Though it is Shepard….

    Kudos. I like it. Not my fave of his, but for a Showtime piece it works well.

  3. kinda lame… I do appreciate his work but not a fan of this print. I know its Dexter and that show is cool and all, but its the gay mortician from 6 ft under. Watever, I do like his duality of humanity though

  4. I don’t give a flip. Dexter is one of my favorite shows….I want this and figure it will actually be one of the easier ones to get.

  5. Michael C. Hall is brilliant. He deserves nothing but good fortune. “that show is cool and all, but its the gay mortician from 6 ft under” I’m not exactly sure what that’s supposed to mean but it’s coming off as the most ignorant thing I’ve read on the internet all day. And that’s sad.

  6. Probably the first Shep I’ll be trying to get since I bought Joey Ramone.

  7. Dang, I mean, you’re Rob Jones. Make some calls.

  8. I don’t watch tv – what the hell is Dexter ?

  9. Sacha, it’s a really interesting show about a hero and protagonist who is a serial killer. I like what I’ve seen of the show.

  10. Hey RJ.. Happy belated. I think we share the same bday..

    Pretty nice shep. He’s on a roll. It would be great if there was blood splatter on the face… and no legal lines.

  11. Television is poison.


  12. Horrible show, horrible actor, horrible print.

  13. Showtime do not ship international

  14. Shep sold-out long ago, hes pretty much a joke at this point. Oh wait he needs this to “pay his rent.”

    LOL I think he’s already pretty rich with all the garbage merch and I wil do a poster for anyone as long as they pay me attitude.

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    its up

  17. lol @ all the haters here, claiming some designer “sold out” .

    I guess someone should have told Shepard that he had a bunch of whiney douchebag followers that were going to cry a river if he made a living off his artwork.

  18. I don’t understand. He already designed the movie poster for Walk The Line. If designing advertisements is selling out, he did so long ago.

  19. I love it…and I love the show…I think it goes perfectly with what the show is all about

  20. Okay- so the print available for $29.99 on the Showtime site is kind of brown– does anyone know whether it’s as red as it appears in other images? I’ve yet to see a photo of an actual one, just the brown or red stock images. Anyone know where else to buy them? They’re selling for a fortune on ebay, and I’d like to know the actual color before buying. Thanks—

  21. Who gives a hell if he sold out? Personally I think you’re all just begging for attention with stupid comments like that. If you don’t like the guy because he “sold-out” why are you here, posting a comment about it? You’re obviously still interested in Shepard’s work, so cut the “sell-out” crap, don’t tell me you wouldn’t take a job to make a bunch of money if it was offered to you- you’re just lying to yourself.

    Response to Josh: How you see it HERE, on this page- is what it looks like. I recieved mine earlier this week, and it looks awesome!

  22. fuck, did I already miss out on the poster? couldn’t find a link to buy it on the showtime site

  23. We have this print hanging in our living room. Dexter is an amazing show that hasn’t disappointed. The colors are great, very true to the Shepard Fairey style. We would have loved to get an Obama sign instead but couldn’t afford it. For $30 it was worth every cent.

  24. these comments are fucking hilarious

    applaud yourselves

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