Shepard Fairey’s Dexter Poster

So awesome.  In a bit of creative marketing, Showtime has commissioned Shepard Fairey to create this piece of art for the TV show Dexter, which will be showcased at San Diego Comic-Con.  Definitely one of my favorite shows, and it’s awesome that so many people are tapping the poster community for mainstream marketing.  Showtime will also release a handful of signed/numbered fine art prints of this image in the near future, so keep your eye on

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  1. Who gives a hell if he sold out? Personally I think you’re all just begging for attention with stupid comments like that. If you don’t like the guy because he “sold-out” why are you here, posting a comment about it? You’re obviously still interested in Shepard’s work, so cut the “sell-out” crap, don’t tell me you wouldn’t take a job to make a bunch of money if it was offered to you- you’re just lying to yourself.

    Response to Josh: How you see it HERE, on this page- is what it looks like. I recieved mine earlier this week, and it looks awesome!

  2. fuck, did I already miss out on the poster? couldn’t find a link to buy it on the showtime site

  3. We have this print hanging in our living room. Dexter is an amazing show that hasn’t disappointed. The colors are great, very true to the Shepard Fairey style. We would have loved to get an Obama sign instead but couldn’t afford it. For $30 it was worth every cent.

  4. these comments are fucking hilarious

    applaud yourselves

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