New Obey Art Print: Duality Of Humanity 1

Wow, this is my favorite Obey art print in quite awhile.  I have never been accused of being the world’s biggest Shepard Fairey fan, but I’ll definitely be trying for this.  “Duality of Humanity 1” has an edition of 450 and will drop sometime during the day of Wednesday, July 16.  Keep an eye on

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  1. Very cool print! Lightyears beyond what he’s been putting out lately. Even if the message came from full metal jacket.

  2. this one is nice. the illustration feels very loose compared to most of the other prints.

  3. “Even if the message…” — too funny.

    Will definitely be tryin’ to get me one-a these. Really nice to see a break from Obama/Rock posters.

  4. Would have loved something less on the nose in the year 2008.

  5. This is where he took the image from – Pretty famous duality photo.
    Still its not quiet a photoshop steal.

  6. That photograph is when the duality was clever. Maybe he’s going for the times haven’t changed idea – but they have…there isn’t a draft and the young populous won’t care much until there is. Make it matter to people on the individual level and then they’ll do something. Till then…this is just a sad memory.

  7. I really love this print. When i saw it i just knew i had to have it lol. its alot different than the boring prints hes been doing lately.

  8. So I’ve tried to get a number of his releases. Seems like once they come out, the site just times out endlessly until they are sold out. There any tricks to getting in aside from just hammering the site?

  9. ya trying to get on right now and it is going utterly slow..and ive been waiting for this print since it was posted…
    are there any secrets?

  10. yeah I’ve been refreshing the site for the last few hours, so far it doesn’t look like its been put up. I can occasionally get it to load…. hopefully one of those times I’ll be able to get in and pick one up.

    This is for sure one of the better prints hes done in a long while

  11. i think obey need s a bigger fucking server. its almost not worth the hassle anymore, remember when you could just randomly go on the site and there was a whole bunch of posters available. the good old days

  12. Looks like its still not released. Anyone seen it be this late in the day for one of these to drop?

  13. I haven’t seen or heard anything. I’m blind and deaf. And I cant seem to get on the obey site without running into mad problems. Congratulations to those 350 people that attempt to log in at the exact second there are being posted. I’m gonna keep trying and checking back here for status

  14. I keep trying and have been for the last 6 hours.

    So far its not been released. I last able to see the store about 5 minutes ago.

    So annoying. I really hope this gets released before too long so I can stop being chained to my desk

  15. Still no sign of this print. This is insane. 6 hours and counting. I totally agree with i think. It was much easier back in the day to complete a transaction about 2 minutes. Oh, and how about deleting all of the sold out prints off the store page???

  16. ive been trying to get it since 10 this morning and its almost 8… it started to get bad around 12:30-1: and now its . still pretty bad but not as bad.. i think people are giving up.. and its not up for sale im pretty angry

  17. yeah this is pretty lame. I know I am going to be pissed if I end up spending 10 hours trying to get one and end up not being able to cause of the site timing out for everyone getting them to put on ebay

  18. If he waits til like 5 mins before 12 im gonna flip, and i hate ebayers….

  19. ya i hate the ebayers..
    this art isnt made for people to buy and resell for their income lol.. why else would shepard sell it for 35-50$? he could sell each print for atleast 85$ and people would buy them.. they would still sell out
    and the website is getting wayy faster i think its normal now but the print isnt up for sale.
    i dont know im not waiting much longer

  20. 6:30 still no print what’s going on here

  21. I dont know if its showing up or not, but yeah, I think after 10 hours, people are giving up….

  22. bleh lol.. the last check im giving is at 9 then im taking shower and going to bed lol.. cuz ive got football at like 6 in morning

  23. This is crazy, the site is dead now, maybe thats what he was looking for. but come on already!

  24. The website isnt dead on my computer its loading just fine
    .. .but its not up for sale yet.. well then lol

  25. still not up – I have a feeling its a 12am release PST
    Lets see.

  26. nope not up yet lol its 9 here 12 la

  27. well im taking shower… maby itll be up by time im out =/

  28. I meant there was no traffic

  29. if it’s a 12 AM I’m out, East Coasters are going to have it rough

  30. well. i live in illinois and its 9:08 here i believe 12:08 LA and my uncle lives in georiga and theyre an hour ahead so not too bad..

  31. im sorry for misinforming lol or whatever its actually 11:29 in LA and 9:29 here sorry

  32. 3 til midnight is it going to happen???!!??

  33. Anyone have any luck yet?

  34. 10.30 pst still not up

  35. 10:47 in California and still nothing does his work ever go on sale this late ? or did the forget

  36. 12 am PST and still nothing!

  37. WHATS THE DEAL GUYS anyone hear anything

  38. well then…i just had football lol its 9:16 in illinois thursday.. print shouldve gone on sale last night but i waited and it never did.
    anyone hear anything

  39. I waited till about half past midnight before giving up and going to bet. Woke up to find its still not released. Either the date is wrong or maybe it is not a web release…

  40. I dunno this is frustrating though lol i woke up like 4 times last night to refresh my computer and of course nothing my boy has close ties to sheps crew so im gonna call him today and get the scoop on this print. I’ll let you know how that goes… until then maybe it’ll be released

  41. Word on the street is that they had some server issues yesterday and weren’t able to get them posted. So, hopefully today. Also heard rumors that it might not go up until tomorrow. This is kind of lame. There were people who stayed up all night refreshing. Perhaps they could have at least communicated something on the homepage.

  42. Site is getting hammered again…

    After the massive amount of time I put in yesterday for this I’m really hoping I can manage to pick one of these up.

    Anyone know if it dropped yet?

  43. 11.11am PST – Still not up

    I woke to bottle feed my kids last night and with my toe kept refreashing – My wife thought I was a hero for wanting to feed the kids.

    Not up but sites getting heavy traffic.

    Any inside news

    PS Mitch – can you repost this shepard onto todays page as its far back to hunt to leave and read notes and there might be some inside info here.

  44. today at 3 pst, lets see what happens

  45. well then lol.. .. .still not up

  46. Sheesh. A print from Shep actually moves me enough to buy and now this.

  47. still nothing at 6:15EST — where is the Duality of Humanity poster?

  48. Anyone have any luck yet?


    This is PISS !!!!!!

  50. 3:45 and last I was able to get in (about 3:30) it was still not up. Now I am getting unable to connect other than the store unavailable or the long time outs it usually does. Think we may have killed the eff out of the server.

  51. still not up

  52. 4pm PST and still nothing!! Whats going on here??

  53. 4:05 And still no print. wrong again he was.

  54. What a tease….

    This is LAMO….

  55. yeah 20 after, just got in, print wasn’t there. Wonder what the deal is….

  56. Its after 5 and its still not up. I’m guessing what ever problem they had yesterday that prevented them from putting it up is still plaguing them.

  57. On the homepage:

    Unfortunately, we were unable to release the Duality print today due to some trouble with our site but we are rescheduling the release for tomorrow (7/17) in the afternoon around 3pm PST. Sorry for the delay and thanks for the support.

    posted July 15, 2008

  58. Yeah they posted that earlier today, which means it should have been on the site 3 hours ago as today is the 17th

  59. Reading on Expresso they say that the servers kaput and that 100% will not be up until tomorow. That was just a post by someone so its not verified. Still its 6pm PST and no show of the print and they are on the west coast and will go hm now – so I expect again its tomorrow

    Can this poster be reposted at the front so I dont have to search and can keep touch quickly ?

  60. Bookmarks tend to work well.

  61. Would be nice for them to put an update on the main page to let us know whats going on

  62. Its pretty easy to click on the Obey tag on the right

  63. I take is not going to happen…


  64. Lame ass shit. Nada, Nothing, No information what so ever.

    At least he keeps his fans in mind instead of just rolling out poster after poster. Oh wait . . .

  65. wow.
    wasted 2 days of life trying to get this..
    whats going on
    shepard is rude lol

  66. Regardless of how incredibly LAME this situation is, I still want one! Has anyone heard anything about when we can expect to actually see this thing posted?? C’MON SHEP!!!

  67. they said theyll post another thing about when the release is once their problems are over

  68. got all the way to the accept shipping thing
    .. i had it and everything then it said error

  69. I got mine took 43 minutes and several page errors but I did not give up have confirmation and funds have been withdrawn so excited…… GOOD LUCK TO THE REST OF YOU ALL

  70. The SUBMIT ORDER button doesn’t WORK!!!! WHAT????

  71. When I hit the SUBMIT ORDER it took a long time but finally went. I think the site is still having issues best of luck anybody know how many of these there are ?

  72. Just awesome, after an hour and a half of trying and getting to the final screen 3 times, it sold out.

  73. I didn’t get mine because I didn’t have a paypal express token! What the hell is that?? I’ve never used paypal express or needed a token before. Can someone shed some light on what I might have done wrong??

  74. @Sacha,

    you DO know that not having this on the front page will make prints easier to get for you, right? Asking them to bump it to the top makes it more difficult for everyone.

  75. Stoked to have gotten one of these! Glad the last 4 days wasn’t a complete waste:)

  76. that’s just awsome!!! print SOLD OUT to some people that just want to flip it on ebay!! i of course did not get one even though i can appriciate different art.

  77. some idiots are already selling them on ebay..
    what happened to people that really care about the art? that understand it and they think its priceless? im sick of these people buying the art for 35 dollars that all of us deserve that care about it and we dont get it. Then they go and sell it for quadruple what they bought it for.

  78. $800??? nice…..

  79. ya i saw that one 800 dollars!. and one for 400 and 600 lol

  80. What a bunch of assholes. Waited for days to try and get this and got screwed. Oh well, guess I can get it for 1,500 on ebay.

  81. cj i feel your pain seriously lol..
    iim soo pissed i could die! i am 14 and love shepards art
    .. im a true collector and i waited 2 days for it also.. like all day
    its all i got up for. and then these ass holes screw everyone over and sell it on ebay like that

  82. Dam – This is a large run as well – Fricking ebayers – Also Josh Keyes is up for 3K !!!!

    Wait – let the heat wear off on this and if you still really want it then pick it up in 1 year at $200.

  83. If anyone pays $600 for this they are just stupid. The price is only going to go down.

  84. F#@K EBAYERS! Its ART not ur fucken job! Atleast sell it at a resonable price beeee@tch!

  85. ya

  86. I think It was a total waste of time. Made us wait with to communication at all. Fuck Shep. I promise to ebay everything from this commercialized sellout from this point forward.

  87. ya shepard needs to do something. I hope hes checking out those ebay sellers right now.. they diserve to not have their shit shipped to em..

  88. whoa. i JUST checked my paypal and it said payment to obey giant confirmed or whatever.. i didnt even know it and ive got this print!! wow thats amazing i was sick for 3 days and i got one lol

  89. guess nobody talks here anymore
    so quiet and sad

  90. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT ABOUT A BLOG FOR PART 2 OF THIS SET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. lol theres one ..

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