New Obey Art Print: Duality Of Humanity 1

Wow, this is my favorite Obey art print in quite awhile.  I have never been accused of being the world’s biggest Shepard Fairey fan, but I’ll definitely be trying for this.  “Duality of Humanity 1” has an edition of 450 and will drop sometime during the day of Wednesday, July 16.  Keep an eye on

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  1. cj i feel your pain seriously lol..
    iim soo pissed i could die! i am 14 and love shepards art
    .. im a true collector and i waited 2 days for it also.. like all day
    its all i got up for. and then these ass holes screw everyone over and sell it on ebay like that

  2. Dam – This is a large run as well – Fricking ebayers – Also Josh Keyes is up for 3K !!!!

    Wait – let the heat wear off on this and if you still really want it then pick it up in 1 year at $200.

  3. If anyone pays $600 for this they are just stupid. The price is only going to go down.

  4. F#@K EBAYERS! Its ART not ur fucken job! Atleast sell it at a resonable price beeee@tch!

  5. ya

  6. I think It was a total waste of time. Made us wait with to communication at all. Fuck Shep. I promise to ebay everything from this commercialized sellout from this point forward.

  7. ya shepard needs to do something. I hope hes checking out those ebay sellers right now.. they diserve to not have their shit shipped to em..

  8. whoa. i JUST checked my paypal and it said payment to obey giant confirmed or whatever.. i didnt even know it and ive got this print!! wow thats amazing i was sick for 3 days and i got one lol

  9. guess nobody talks here anymore
    so quiet and sad

  10. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT ABOUT A BLOG FOR PART 2 OF THIS SET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. lol theres one ..

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