Print Mafia’s Raconteurs Posters

If you hurry, you can probably still catch some of Print Mafia’s lovely new posters for The Raconteurs.  The Amsterdam print already sold swiftly on Gigposters, but is now available at  The Berlin one is still on GP, and the posters weren’t even available at the show (they were either stolen or went missing), so these ones should be pretty rare.  So to summarize:  for the Berlin one, visit the Classifieds or and grab one for $35.  The Amsterdam is ONLY available at

5 Responses to “Print Mafia’s Raconteurs Posters”

  1. Snagged one – Love it

  2. I’m just not a huge fan of print mafia. And I’m pretty sure I liked that peacock more when EMEK did it.

  3. Yeah, those dumbfucks at Print Mafia obviously weren’t aware of EMEK’s trademark on peacocks, and skulls, and phonographs.

  4. THEY WILL KNOW AFTER THE CIVIL LITIGATION!!!! *points threateningly*

    Or after they read Spiff.Huxtable’s post :rolleyes:


  5. oversold @, refunds coming as per connie….

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