New Mark Brabant Art Print: “The Day’s Last Lesson”

This is actually a pretty cool new art print by Mark Brabant, even though it is very much like his old print, The Wirewalker.  “The Day’s Last Lesson” is a 14″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 160, and is $35.  Visit

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  1. Outstanding.


  2. I think I have caught the bug that all of you speak of after purchasing my first print a few weeks ago.

    Just snagged this one.

  3. buying prints is f***ing addicting.

    look what you have started OMGposters.

  4. Very nice.

  5. nice, got one

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  7. lovely…

  8. This looks like the print Brabant wanted to make the first time — got rid of the quote in hallmark cheese-font at the bottom, treated the sky more thoughtfully.

  9. Bought one – Stunning

    Re collection and addiction – Its starts slow and then as you educate more you become heavily involved.
    After a while you realize how small the group of collectors are and recognize the same names after a while.

    Good luck.

  10. Wow, this is a fabulous print. I think Mark has really upped his game with this stunning print. Am hoping they do not disappear before he emails shipping rates to me.

    This appears significantly better detailed than earlier prints.

  11. Can someone explain what is so special about this piece? I just don’t get it.

  12. I wasn’t that into it at first glance.

    What makes me really like it is that I noticed there are people walking on the power lines as tight rope walkers do. That image moves me.

    I should buy this before I can’t.

  13. Just got one!

  14. Argh, addicted to buying prints now! My old housemate owned ‘The Wirewalker’ and I loved it, was gutted when he left as it wasn’t on the wall any more! Trying to get this, waiting for Brabant to get back to me about shipping. Fingers crossed he does it quick!

  15. Print buying is an addiction. I just switch which ones I put up. Wish I had even more wall space. Thankfully I have an amazing framer with fair rates and mad skills.

  16. Another day, Another photoshopped photo over a split fountain.

  17. Print buying is the addiction

    Framing is the dagger – anyone explain how they frame on the cheap ?

  18. Adam said it, what is so special about this? In fact, what is special about any of this guys prints?

  19. $35 says we see a third wire walker print after nobody likes his next few prints either. I want to see an EMEK take on this concept.


  21. The same but with a really cheesy strapline

  22. love this, ordered one, need more walls & more frames!

  23. I’m with you m.heart – I need the same. I love this poster the more I look at it. It’s really grown on me. Can’t wait till it arrives.

  24. it certainly looks nice, but I think I’ve seen enough silhouetted powerline posters in the last 3 years to last me 3 lifetimes.

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