Art Prints by Josh Cochran

I just stumbled across the store of Josh Cochran, a New York artist with a number of prints available.  All of the prints are giclees, are signed, and are $45 each.  I can’t say that I know a whole lot about this guy, but I’m digging his stuff.  There are a bunch more available, check them out.  Visit

6 Responses to “Art Prints by Josh Cochran”

  1. Very cool shite going on here. Really feeling “Past 12 Months” and “TAICHUNG”.

  2. Kinda has a Hecox feel to it, eh?

  3. Totally Hecox – Cool.

  4. There are three or four I’d like to have on my wall. I’ll bookmark them until I’m rich or something.

  5. I was thinking a blend of Hecox and Kinsey. Hecoxian locals with Kinseyan colors and tones.

  6. […] Cochran is another artist I’ve covered before, but he has a number of new prints available.  The most impressive has to be […]

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