New Obey Art Prints: Obey Billboards I and II

Here’s two brand new surprise Shepard Fairey art prints that are set to drop sometime today (Thursday, July 31).  Not feeling these as much as the last couple, but they’re not his worst prints either.  If you want to score one, spend all day in front of the computer refreshing

Nate Duval’s “Brooklyn” Art Print

Nate Duval just released this beautiful new art print, one depicting an image of Brooklyn’s famous Domino Sugar factory.  It’s a six color screenprint, measures an easily frameable 18″ x 24″, has an edition of 70, and is $40.  With the factory potentially being converted to luxury condos in the near future, this print release […]

Emek’s Rothbury Festival Poster (Onsale Info)

Emek is having an onsale this weekend, should be a big one.  His Rothbury poster is a huge 23″ x 39″ screenprint with an edition of 100 (though a separate edition of 600 sold out at the show).  The price will be $85.  These will go up Saturday, August 2 at 11am PDT.  Click the […]

Ten Questions With David D’Andrea

For today’s Ten Questions, I asked one of my favorite up and comers to drop by.  This dude is a serious talent, pay attention.  Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. David D’Andrea. Age: 33 Location: Oakland, CA. Years Doing Posters: I’ve been doing xeroxed flyers for Oakland/Sf shows since 97 or so. I’ve been putting out screen […]

New Art Prints by Noferin

Artist duo Noferin have a couple of new art prints available, and they are both pretty rad.  Each one is a high quality giclee that comes with a certificate of authenticity.  Check them out (as well some other great prints) at “In Which The Lotus Bloom Captures Everyone’s Attention” 16.5″ x 11.7″ Giclee, Edition […]

This Week’s Tiny Showcase Print: Deth P. Sun

My apologies for missing the entry this week on the Tiny Showcase print, but it looks like some of them are still around.  “Infinite Possibilities” is a 4″ x 6″ giclee, has an edition of 200, and is $20.  You can still pick one up at

Tyler Stout’s “Vermont” Art Print (Onsale Info)

The always amazing Tyler Stout decided to make an art print edition out of his stunning Vermont Film Festival poster, and he already sold half of them with the quickness last week.  This print was produced in four different versions, with 20 of each colorway making up the total edition of 80.  This way, everyone […]

Esao Andrews’ Print Store Relaunch!

After some very unfortunate happenings over at Esao’s online store (long story short, he got screwed over by Paypal), he has relaunched with FIVE brand new prints, plus a few leftover from before.  All of his prints are beautiful giclees and are printed in tiny editions.  Hurry over to Untitled (Well) 12″ x 14″ […]

Guy Burwell’s The Hold Steady Poster

Guy Burwell just put his poster for The Hold Steady up for sale, and it is truly a beauty.  If his past few posters are any indication, you should probably grab this one sooner than later.  It is 17.5″ x 23.5″, has an edition of 90, and is only $25.  Visit

Ten Questions With The Little Friends Of Printmaking

For today’s Ten Questions, I wrangled up the amazing midwestern design duo The Little Friends of Printmaking.  Great design, great people.  Enjoy. Age: Too old for this shit. Location: Milwaukee, Wisc. Years Doing Posters: 5. Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done: Wait a minute, did that say 5 years? Suddenly I’m terribly depressed about […]

New Obey Art Print: “Duality Of Humanity II”

Looks like Shepard Fairey is officially back.  “Duality Of Humanity II” is definitely my favorite Obey print in months, nice to see a return to this style.  According to the site, this will actually drop sometime today (Saturday, July 26).  Should be chaos, keep you eye on

“El Angel Amplificado de Los Angeles” Mono-Distortion Print by Mear One (Onsale Info)

Man, it’s so refreshing to see releases like this, totally different than what everyone else is doing.  “El Angel Amplificado de Los Angeles” is Mear One and Baurmann Gallery’s newest mono-distortion print, though you can’t really call it a print at all.  Each one is hand drawn and painted entirely, making each one completely unique.  […]

Alex Pardee x Zerofriends Exclusive Art Print at SDCC: “Tonight, To Knight”

Gotta give props to PlasticandPlush for this info, they are on top of their game.  Alex Pardee and Zerofriends will release this killer new art print at SDCC this weekend.  It’s a 17″ x 22″ giclee, is limited to 45 pieces, and is $80.  You can pick one up at booth N13 in the small […]

Kaws JPP Figure (Onsale Info)

Don’t know if there are any Kaws fans that read the site or not, but I thought I’d give this quick heads up.  Kaws will put his new JPP figure, produced in two colorways, up for sale later today.  It will drop today (Thursday, July 24) at noon EST.  Visit The figure is based […]

Emek’s “The Wave” Shirt by The Faded Line Clothing Co. / Rock The Earth

The Faded Line Clothing Co. just put out this awesome new t-shirt using Emek’s “The Wave” image, aka “Unnatural Resources”, formerly appearing on an art print and a Pearl Jam poster.  Proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go to benefit Rock The Earth, an organization dedicated to protecting the planet’s natural resources through […]