New Art Prints by Justin Myer Staller

Justin Myer Staller just dropped a handful of new art prints, and (as usual) they are inexpensive little beauties.  First up is Dot Nude #9 (not work-appropriate, so you can view it here), followed by “Wood pile” and “107 Davis St.”.  They are all 14″ x 17″ screenprints, limited editions, and priced at $25 each.  To purchase or inquire about this stuff, shoot JMS an email.

Definitely click the images to see a larger view, these prints are pretty wild.

….Also, in case you missed it, JMS and Daniel Danger got together a couple of months ago and printed a whole load of new Staller art prints at R.I.T.  Some of it is still available.  You can view a big picture of the work here, and can get more info and see a video at

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  1. I’m not really feeling the cmyk prints. It’s a silkscreen 101 assignment at any art school.

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