Emek’s Wakarusa Poster (Onsale Info)

Emek is gearing up to release another awesome festival poster, this time for Wakarusa in Kansas.  It’s a giant 22″ x 30″, 8 color screenprint (3 of which are metallics).  This is kind of a complicated onsale, but here is how it breaks down:  100 copies of the regular edition will be sold, plus 20 randomly inserted “Special Edition” prints on different colored stock.  These will go on sale Wednesday, July 2 at noon PDT for $65 each.  The place is Emek.net.

Keep reading after the pictures.

Regular Edition:

Some examples of the “Special Edition”:

Ok, furthermore Emek will release a handful of Wakarusa variants just before the standard onsale.  These were printed in “Sunset” and “Garden” editions, and there are only a few available (though the total editions were 40 each).  These carry a heftier price at $150, and the color you’ll receive is a surprise.  Also, if you get a variant, you can not purchase a standard poster at noon.  These will go up Wednesday, July 2 at 11am PDT.  Same place, Emek.net.

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