Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s Cable Poster

Wow, another super great exclusive sneak peek from Aaron Horkey.  This one is for reunion shows by Cable, and should be available at the shows, as well as through Burlesque after the run.  It is a four color screenprint (the gold is metallic) on steel grey paper.  Enjoy people, enjoy.

26 Responses to “Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s Cable Poster”

  1. oh wow. no words.

  2. amazing!!

  3. Motherfuck.


  4. holy crap….

  5. The man is a machine! Aaron has my vote for gig poster artist of the year at this point

  6. Amazing.

  7. Yep, he is on a whole different level.
    Never ceases to amaze-

  8. um. yes please.

  9. wow, an actual real animal and not some helmeted crossbreed


  10. stunningly beautiful!

  11. genius!

  12. Classy

  13. It’s quite rare for me to look at someone’s work with my mouth agape. This was one of those rare moments. Just…astounding.

  14. Anyone know how much these will be at the show.

  15. Moose is always a good idea

    Great print

  16. Who is Cable and why do they deserve such art? This is a lot of work for a gif poster, I mean he can sell this as an art print minus the band for a lot of money, I hope he does make some minus Cable and info.

  17. http://www.myspace.com/cablerock

    Cable has been around for almost 15 years.

  18. looks way better than that new boris print…imo….WOW

  19. I also would love to see this as an art print without the letters ( I love horkey lettering btw ).
    Just like the hurricane relief print, (the fantomas without the band and dates)

  20. Perhaps replace the band name with a larger moon, but really that’s just nitpicking, this is beautiful just the way it is. It is a gig poster after all and not an art print. I hope that he will slowly move more and more into the art print realm, but right now I think he is just enjoying being able to make gig posters for bands he loves. Whatever man, he is bloody awesome at what he does. I don’t really care if I have never heard of most of the bands he does posters for. I think his artwork pretty much speaks for itself. If the bloody thing said “Culture Club” it would still be wicked

  21. I personally think its awesome that Horkey does incredible work for relatively unknown bands for a 3 show tour.

  22. Salivation in progress.

  23. awesome poster
    terrible band

  24. gah that;s so an elk not a moose. gah. m bison!

  25. I hope he never stops doing gig posters. Horkey without the lettering just isn’t the same and Cable is an awesome band. Really excited to see what he does with the new Blinding Light album artwork.

  26. […] is an 11.75″ x 39″ screenprint (in fact, it’s the same size and colors as the first Cable poster).  The price will be $55 shipped.  These will go on sale Thursday, November 6 at 2pm […]

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