Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s Cable Poster

Wow, another super great exclusive sneak peek from Aaron Horkey.  This one is for reunion shows by Cable, and should be available at the shows, as well as through Burlesque after the run.  It is a four color screenprint (the gold is metallic) on steel grey paper.  Enjoy people, enjoy.

26 Responses to “Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s Cable Poster”

  1. I personally think its awesome that Horkey does incredible work for relatively unknown bands for a 3 show tour.

  2. Salivation in progress.

  3. awesome poster
    terrible band

  4. gah that;s so an elk not a moose. gah. m bison!

  5. I hope he never stops doing gig posters. Horkey without the lettering just isn’t the same and Cable is an awesome band. Really excited to see what he does with the new Blinding Light album artwork.

  6. […] is an 11.75″ x 39″ screenprint (in fact, it’s the same size and colors as the first Cable poster).  The price will be $55 shipped.  These will go on sale Thursday, November 6 at 2pm […]

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