“Yes We Can” Barack Obama Poster by Antar Dayal

I’m really happy with the enthusiasm for art that the Barack Obama campaign has exhibited thus far.  Their newest poster, “Yes We Can” by Antar Dayal, is 25″ x 40″, has an edition of 4800, and is $70.  Every Obama poster has sold out pretty quickly, so jump on this one.  Visit BarackObama.com.

Also, here is a behind the scenes video chonicling the production of this poster, from printing to signing.  Enjoy!

19 Responses to ““Yes We Can” Barack Obama Poster by Antar Dayal”

  1. High yield short term investment.


  2. Thats pretty high for such a big edition. I’d assume a big percentage goes to the campaign?

  3. It all goes to the campaign. It’s treated as a campaign donation. Considering the Ebay market for all Obama posters, charging less would be stupid of them.

  4. thats a nice one

  5. ooooh, i just realized what this was. I thought it was another “print of obama” rather than through the official campaign. yeah, i can get with this.

  6. Very nice poster. I would have liked to see the process of drawing that picture in that style rather than watching machines print it out.

  7. obama posters have netted me more than bushes stimulus package did, and hes not even president yet.


  9. Obama all day every day!

    Seriously though, this is the best looking out of the bunch (and I love ISO50)

    If you don’t pick up this little piece of history you’re stoops. Thats’s right I said it.

  10. Best vote I ever had.

  11. These are selling at about 100 per hour.

  12. not super stoked on dis, maybe someone could release 100000000 more. there were a ton others that were better, and yeah, woo-hoo resell em! that’s the spirit!

  13. I agree with most that this is the nicest one so far. And I like both Fairey’s and ISO50’s.

    Looks like this is the first run that is signed by the artist. Or does anyone know if only a limited amount were signed?

  14. Isn’t reselling or trading what this hobbies all about?

    An edition of 5000 is miniscule in relation to the millions of Obama backers. 10,000 would still be a pretty limited run

  15. There is some Obama poster for Sale on Emek’s site right now.

  16. Tired tired tired of these posters…….
    Nothing new and in my eyes Fairey licks the lot of them.

  17. I think this one is very pretty. I got the Emek one though – cause it’s more “kick!!” ass. =)

  18. Your spot on there – Just had a look at Emek’s, that’s fun and strong plus of course I Love the Ali picture from where it came.
    Day flippers will loose out on this one above. (lord save me, I am not a witch nor a wizard nor a day flipper before the stone is cast)

  19. his website font is too big and I cannot order the poster…. HELP

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