“I Will Crush You” Art Print by Deth P. Sun

Here’s an interesting little art print by Deth P. Sun, “I Will Crush You”.  It is a 12″ x 12″ giclee, has an edition of only 25, and is $100.  To purchase it, visit APaperTiger.com.

5 Responses to ““I Will Crush You” Art Print by Deth P. Sun”

  1. yuk

  2. LOL. Yeah, not my favorite style either, but thought someone might want to see it.

  3. Not into this one either. I’m on their email list and this showed up and I was totally turned off by it.

  4. really…?i love deth and marci’s flickr page, they are a dynamic duo…and their cats are great! I’d buy it if I weren’t poor…

  5. I grew up with turtles and don’t want them crushed. Weep.

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