Week Off

I am away from the computer this week on family business, so there will be no new posts, as OMG is a one man operation.  You will have to figure out the poster world yourself for a week (it sucks, I know).  Be sure to come back next Monday for more news, more interviews, and more obnoxious comments.

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  1. Nice car, bitch if you get a flat.
    How many miles to the g ?
    Have fun

  2. Take care, sir. We’ll get by somehow.

  3. Let’s use this entry to post our own new print news. We don’t need that stinkin admin guy!

  4. be happy

  5. >>>Insert completely random image here<<<

    Have a good week Mitch

  6. How are things on the west coast?


  7. Have a good week off!

    Maybe Kevin Sutton can fill in…

  8. im in a gang!

  9. For anyone who missed Jermaine Rogers’ Radiohead Posters. A few extra’s went up on nowherelimited.com.
    I think there are a few West Palm Beaches left. (at least one)

  10. Thank you Tom W! I just bought one! That’s not a bad or unfair after market price. With the free shipping it’s quite a nice deal. Thank you kindly! I have the Radiohead Jermaine from 03 and wanted the matching set. I kept getting booted out of the original sale. So yay! Got one, thanks!

  11. Glad I could help. I did manage to get one during the initial sale, and I remember how hard that was. They’re sold out now apparently.

  12. Do u guys use http://www.expressobeans.com/ ?
    it makes interesting reading to collectors, for example

    1/ If you buy Dave Kinsey and Evan Hecox for investment purposes then it looks like you should buy and sell straight away – They are very bad investment and go down in price over time
    2/ Josh Keyes remains a hot buy
    3/ Shepard F outstrips most if not all and you must hang onto them, there graph is only in one direction…..

    anyway – I now don’t buy Hecox or Kinsley unless I absolute love them which is probaly the only reason to buy a print anyway

    See ya

  13. Another poster day trader. That’s what this world needs.

    P.S. The new Hecox is up at BLK/MRKT, and it’s awesome.

  14. Hi Stoney –
    Nope not a day trader I just thought it was interesting.
    I don’t actually buy to flip but I am always interested to see if my collection has risen or if I am building a pulp factory.
    I concentrate on 1965 – 72 as my bulk and then the odd print outside if I love them. I will go and have a look at the new Hecox

    Did anyone see the new Fairey ? It has a direct link to Franz Ferdinand cover

  15. im in a gang! ps that new one is kinda crunk like, i might purchase that product. that’s how i am yo

  16. I’m a big fan of Radiohead and all that but those Jermaine Rogers prints just remind me of those shit motivational posters:


  17. Thanks Sacha. I like knowing how I’m spending my money. Every collection is a potential investment as tastes may change over time. I have never sold any of my posters, for the record. But I do have a few that have been a bit replaced by others and as CC debt is what it is, I may sell one or two simply to pay for the framing of another one or two.

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