Ten Questions With Mark McDevitt From Methane Studios

For this week-ending Ten Questions session, I’ve asked Mark McDevitt of Methane Studios to come by and and talk for a bit. Have a good weekend.

Age: 42

Location: Sharpsburg, GA (just south of ATL)


Years Doing Posters: This is our 10 year anniversary! I have doing posters longer than that. I got into printmaking in middle school making linoleum prints and then in college taking various printmaking courses.

Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done: I would say the dead horse for Band of Horses. I was working on another concept and it was not working out and I came with this around midnight and had it finished shortly after. I also like it because I got back to basics using ink & a brush.

All-time Favorite Poster / Art Print that Someone Else Did: ZOINKS! Impossible for me to say but I would have to say something from the masters who inspired me like Lucian Bernhard, Ben Shahn, Saul Bass, Picasso or the old Japaneese printmakers.

Music Currently In Rotation: The new Radiohead & Nick Cave, vintage Earth Wind & Fire, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Springsteen, Dr Dog, Miles Davis, Faces, XTC & whatever else pops up on my Ipod.

Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought: I can’t remember but I think it was from Guy Burwell that I had framed for my partner Robert for Christmas.

Art Hanging On Your Walls: Guy Burwell’s Gob Iron, Robert Methane’s Rilo Kiley, Burlesque’s Zebulon Pike, a few of mine, and Tyler Stout’s Incredible String Band. I have a bunch of other stuff to frame like Dirk Fowler and Todd Slater but ran out of money & wall space.

Upcoming Stuff: A lot of Dave Matthews posters, plus YES, Stone Temple Pilots and maybe some art prints.

Words of Wisdom: Find out what you love to do and do that.

You can see and purchase more of Mark’s work at MethaneStudios.com.

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  1. Hadn’t seen that Zebulon Pike. I thought he was referring to the one with the rearing horse.

  2. You said rearing.

  3. 🙂

  4. Mark and Robert freaking rule. I love that BOH poster.

  5. yeah i’ve been all up on the mission of burma grenade for like ever yo and i might have been caught at a weak point here……….trying to say no………………but but…..mcdevitt’s tiger lily print also rules gah….and cheap enough, k bought

  6. The horse poster is one of the most expressive posters i’ve ever seen…

    Great !!!

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