Ron English Barack Obama Poster

This is a truly great Obama poster, Ron English really brought the creepy on this one.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 200, and costs $200.  You can preorder it now at

13 Responses to “Ron English Barack Obama Poster”

  1. wow! and thats a screenprint??

  2. aaaaand BOUGHT.

  3. Amazing. This is a steal at $200.

  4. SOLD OUT 🙁

  5. I know it says screenprint, but I would have to guess this is a giclee…

  6. Wrong…..printed at Burlesque. Wish I would’ve grabbed one.

  7. I stand corrected…wow.

    Still not sold out…They are still popping up though….

  8. These are cool as shit. On other message boards people have been saying this looks “goofy”….I couldn’t disagree more. Definitely more “creepy”…..and I LOVE creepy.

  9. yeah word, just grabbed one so i guess the sold out note is a joke or something…………hmmm! we’ll see. but yes, creepy is good, ron english is good, this is good

  10. Their shop does not have inventory control. They’re probably sold out, and are now overselling.

  11. nope looks like i got mines, word

  12. If your confirmation number begins with 000. You win! If not, you won’t get charged.

  13. D’oh, mine begins with SO0, likely SOLD the fuck OUT.

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