Exclusive First Look: 1982’s Iron and Wine Poster

Here’s a first look at a brand new Iron and Wine concert poster by 1982 (Jon Smith and Nate Duval).  This is a five color print commemorating a performance in Davenport, IA.  The design is based on the song, “Carousel”.  These will be available in the near future from Jon, Nate, and Postersandtoys.com.  Enjoy!

12 Responses to “Exclusive First Look: 1982’s Iron and Wine Poster”

  1. That show got moved to Iowa City. Incredibly great poster though!

  2. Those guys work consistently great together. It’s pretty amazing that they’ve never actually met in person.

  3. These guys are just too damn good and amazingly consistent.

  4. You know, I disagree with the praise heaped on these guys….and I’m only basing this on my Black Keys poster that I received from them. The colors weren’t vibrant AT ALL and I received the poster in horrible condition. Whoever told these artists that a plastic bag is the best way to protect a poster is crazy! They don’t use any craft paper at all and the poster just slides from one end of the tube to the other through the entirety of it’s transport banging on each end every time it shifts. I appreciate the efforts to fight of moisture, but you have to USE PAPER TOO. I think this print LOOKS awesome, but I’m going to pass on it so as to not be disappointed again.

  5. I need to let everyone know that within a couple hours of my last post, WITHOUT MY EVEN ASKING, Nate refunded my full purchase price for this print and assured me that he will use paper to protect prints I order from now on. He’s not the only artist I’ve received prints from that were shipped in this manner, so it’s not just an isolated problem with Nate/Jon, I hope other artists take note that plastic wrap alone doesn’t work well.
    In any event, I’m going to give this fantastic looking print a try and can’t thank Nate enough for handling this with such class.

  6. Definitely a class act.

  7. Karl, maybe you should have contacted Nate before posting your complaints in the comments section. By the way, I think this print looks fantastic. The structure manipulation of color and shape shows a fine depth of texture coordination. Also, look at Nate’s the mountain goat 3 which is hand drawn. The level that it takes to make everything look even without a computer is a difficult task. Keep up the good work Nate.

  8. I agree. I definitely should have contacted him first and sorted it out in private.

  9. Karl I totally know what you’re saying on the Black Keys poster, it doesn’t look exactly like the jpg, but its because CMYK printing is always an experiment. These Iron and Wine ones look amazing and just as vibrant as the jpgs, if not more.

  10. This looks really nice.

  11. too late to change venue to iowa city?

    saw them in Chicago 6 weeks ago. great band great poster.

  12. I thought the Black Keys print looked great in person–but agree that it wasn’t quite what I was expecting from the jpg.

    I ordered through Jon Smith–he mentioned he is going to start using a different person/company to package and ship in the future.

    There is so much happening behind the final black layer surrounding the central image. It would have been great if that layer was a little more transparent to catch all those subtleties.

    Either way I was thrilled with the BK piece–and look forward to picking up this Iron and Wine print.

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