New Jamungo Sqwerts

Wow, these may be two of my favorite Jamungo figures yet.  Just announced, these two new Sqwerts by MAD and Brian Morris (aka ooo000ooo) are set to drop in the next week or two.  Each color will be limited to 250-500 pieces.  Keep you eye on your favorite toy site or store.  Check out

Jesse Phillips’ Speed Racer Poster

Seriously, how many good movie posters can Mondotees release? This time it’s another one from Jesse Phillips for a Speed Racer screening. This one is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint that glows in the dark. The price is $30. Visit

Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Ben Kehoe

Tiny Showcase is on a roll, I tell ya. Tonight they are releasing a print by Andy’s brother, Ben Kehoe. I have featured Ben’s work on here before, and it’s really great. The print is bound to be small and inexpensive, and will come out tonight at 7:30 pm EST. Visit Tiny Showcase doesn’t […]

Jim Flora and More New Stuff From The Faded Line

The Faded Line are really doing the art-inspired clothing thing right.  They just started doing Jim Flora merchandise.  If you don’t know who Jim Flora is, check out these quotes by some of your favorite artists about his influence.  Furthermore, they just released Emek’s Cyberman image on a polo shirt.  Super nice.  Visit PS:  […]

Ten Questions With Leia Bell

Another day, another one of my favorite artists stopping by to answer the OMG ten questions.  Without further adieu, Ms. Leia Bell. Age: 30.5 Location: salt lake city, utah (a.k.a. Palace of the Brine) Years Doing Posters: screenprinted since 2000, black & whites since 1994 Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done: Pixies poster, because […]

Our Newest Sponsor: Mondotees

It’s awesome to finally be officially teamed up with Mondotees, a site I’ve been talking about here for a long time.  Mondotees has been pumping out amazing movie posters for the Alamo Drafthouse for quite a while now, and they show no signs of slowing down.  Visit

New Dan McCarthy Art Print: “Shared Memory: Pollinators”

Dan McCarthy has dropped another amazing print of the month, this time continuing in his Shared Memory series with Pollinators.  This one is a 19″ x 25″ screenprint and is only $35.  Do yourself a favor and pick this up.  Visit Click For Bigger: 

Two More New Jay Ryan Concert Posters

Man, Jay Ryan is on quite the roll.  What a year for him so far.  Here are two more brand new concert posters by Jay.  These will be available after the show dates on

Ten Questions With Dirk Fowler

For this installment of ten questions, I have asked my favorite letterpress artist to stop by.  Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Dirk Fowler. Age: 37 Location: Lubbock, Texas Years Doing Posters: 8 Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done: Probably my Ramblin’ Jack Elliott poster. Partly because I like the drawing, but mostly because of who […]

Exclusive: Another Jermaine Rogers Radiohead Poster

Jermaine is killing these Radiohead posters, and I’m more than honored that he lets me debut them.  Here is the newest one for the Ford Amphitheater in Tampa.  Release details to come. Click for bigger, this thing has some crazy stuff going on in it:

Ryan Milner Tastebuds Mono-Distortion Show Print

Phone Booth Gallery  just posted up this very cool print by Ryan Milner.  Each print (if you wanna call it that) is unique.  He first laid down an acrylic wash, then hand drew the faces on each.  It is 6″ x 9″, has an edition of only 10, and can be bought for the steal […]

Jay Ryan’s New Modest Mouse Poster

Jay Ryan just revealed this brand new poster for Modest Mouse’s upcoming Sasquatch! performance.  Pretty dang awesome, and Jay’s first full bleed poster.  These should be available after the show on

Exclusive: Jermaine Rogers’ New Radiohead Poster

Wow, wow.  Jermaine was nice enough to send over this peek at his new Radiohead poster, and wanted you folks to have the first look.  This is bound to be a hot commodity.  Be sure you’re on Jermaine’s mailing list by visit Click for bigger. 

Exclusive: Burlesque’s Arcade Fire / Superchunk Barack Obama Benefit Poster

Here is a great new poster from Burlesque, one for a couple of benefit shows in NC for Barack Obama with The Arcade Fire and Superchunk. No real word on internet availability, since it is a campaign donation. The best way to score one is to get your ass out to the show tomorrow in […]

Ten Questions With Jay Ryan

I am very, very happy to have one of my favorite artists (and probably yours too) come by for a ten questions, Mr. Jay Ryan. Age: 35 Location: i work in skokie, illinois, a suburb just north of chicago. Years Doing Posters: 13 Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done: i can’t pick one overall, […]